Spanish (Español)

  • Teachers:
    Clementina Gutierrez, Raymond Samuels, Mary Valencia, Courtney Tojo, David West  


    Spanish I

    This course will provide the basic skills of the language. Four areas of proficiency -- reading, writing, listening, and speaking -- will be included, with emphasis on listening and speaking. Information regarding the life, customs, and culture of Hispanic nations and people will be included.

    Spanish II

    This course continues to build upon the knowledge gained in the level-one course. Vocabulary is practiced contextually in oral and written form. An intensive study of grammar is emphasized, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing multiple verb forms. Further study of Hispanic culture is included.

    Spanish I and II Block

    This course is by teacher recommendation only. It is only open to seniors who have previously taken a Spanish I course. This course is an intensive review of the basic skills taught in Spanish I. Emphasis is placed on the grammar skills needed to be successful in Spanish II. Vocabulary review and culture are included where possible. Review of Spanish I ends during second quarter, and Spanish II begins immediately with further skill-building in all areas. Vocabulary is practiced contextually. One or two credits for this course are possible, depending on individual student circumstances.

    Spanish III (IB) (H)

    This course emphasizes advanced listening and speaking skills a long with an in-depth grammar study. Students continue to develop increased competence in reading and writing skills. Short literature selections are included as well as the study of Hispanic culture, history, and geography.

    Spanish IV (IB) (H)

    This course will offer an increased competency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the language. Discussions and conversation will be enhanced by the readings of selected short stories, essays, drama, poetry, newspapers, and magazines. Additional grammar points are covered. Selected movies, songs, and videos will also be integrated.

    Advanced Placement/IB Spanish Language & Culture

    This course follows the prescribed curriculum of the Advanced Placement program. Instruction focuses on the mastery of language skills through increased reading, conversation, aural-oral work, grammar, and composition at the college level. At the end of the course, students may elect to take the Advanced Placement Examination.

    Advanced Placement/IB Spanish Literature & Culture

    Summer readings are assigned for this course. Contact the teacher to receive this assignment before leaving in June. This course follows the prescribed curriculum of the Advanced Placement Program. It emphasizes an in-depth study of Spanish literature coupled with literary analysis and other forms of composition. Further acquisition and refinement of vocabulary and speaking skills are also essential to this program. The course includes a basic literature survey covering major periods and major genres. At the end of this course, students may elect to take the Advanced Placement Examination.