Social Studies

  • The History of Today

    Enloe's Social Science electives offer a wide range of opportunities for students to explore the world around them. For example, a course in Recent International Relations emphasizes world events since the end of the Cold War (1989 to present) and American involvement in those events. Lessons of the Vietnam War, another modern history course, focuses studies on ethical questions that arose during the Vietnam conflict, events of the social protest movement, world-wide response and involvement in Vietnam, and the problems facing the region today.

    In addition to a variety of perspectives on historical studies, introductory courses in Psychology and Sociology allow students an opportunity to begin studying the meaning of humanity. The Law and Justice elective directs studies toward changing trends in the American legal system.

    Extra-Curricular Involvement

    Outside the classroom, students will find opportunities to compete against peers in areas of the social sciences on local, regional, state and national levels. Enloe students compete in debate competitions, Mock UN, the National Peace Essay Contest, the NC Quiz Bowl, and other similarly-styled youth conferences.

    Our NC Quiz Bowl Team relies on a strong Social Science foundation, garnering factoids from all portions of history, from ancient to the most modern. Enloe's nationally recognized Speech and Debate Team is always seeking new members with a strong background in history, public speaking, and all other social sciences. Enloe students also compete on all levels of the Citizen Bee US History Oral Competition.