Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    The Career and Technical Education Department is leading the way in teaching students how to effectively use technology. Teaching students to think critically and utilize their newfound knowledge in all aspects of their life is a priority of all CTE teachers.

    Computer Science

    If you are interested in learning how computers work and function, then Computer Science is the thing for you. If you've ever found yourself wondering, "How does this software work? What makes it run? Could I actually create software for a living?", then you might be interested in Computer Science.


    Intellectually stimulating classes, strong reading and writing instruction, and writing and literature electives make Enloe students well prepared and nationally competitive. Each grade level at Enloe includes a study of a variety of ethnic and cultural selections and a writing program based on the Wake County Curriculum. Students are encouraged to enroll in writing classes in order to use their creative talents and to improve their writing skills as reinforcement for their English classes.

    Health and PE

    Enloe's physical education elective program is unique in that students may select courses that are of interest to them. Enloe offers team sports, lifetime sports, individual sports, and other personal fitness activities. After students have completed the Health and Fitness course required for graduation, they may choose from a wide range of activities such as golf, tennis, archery, bowling, aerobics, weight training, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, sports medicine, and CPR/first aid.


    Enloe has an extremely diverse mathematics department and staff equipped to work with and instruct all students. Several higher-level Enloe mathematics instructors have earned their Ph.D's in their respective fields, providing students with a combination of solid teaching techniques and applicable subject knowledge. Enloe math faculty also instruct many students in advanced courses that include Calculus, Statistics, and Trigonometery.


    Enloe offers an extensive array of both required and elective courses in the sciences. Under North Carolina law, three credits of science education are required for graduation; one life science credit, one physical science credit, one environmental science credit. Enloe's Science Department offers elective courses in Life Sciences that include valuable field experiences. Labs involving computers and graphing calculators for data gathering create exciting opportunities, especially in Enloe physics classes. Student research opportunities are also available through the Science Department in cooperation with NCSU.

    Social Studies

    Enloe's Social Studies electives offer a wide range of opportunities for students to explore the world around them. In addition to a variety of perspectives on historical studies, introductory courses in psychology and sociology allow students an opportunity to begin studying the meaning of humanity. Outside the classroom, students will find opportunities to compete against peers in areas of the social sciences on local, regional, state and national levels.

    Visual and Performing Arts

    Enloe Magnet High School has the largest and most comprehensive visual arts program in the Wake County Public School System. Visual Arts disciplines have myriad levels of study for students with interest in experiencing arts, and for students interested in pursuing a career in them.

    World Languages

    The World Languages Department encourages students to begin their language study as early as possible. Some of the advantages of early language study include enhanced vocabulary in English, greater grammatical awareness in English, cultural awareness and understanding, and greater placement advantages at the post-secondary level. Many colleges and universities are also responding to the suggestions of recruiters for the work force by encouraging students in all majors to become proficient in a world language in order to be competitive in a continually growing global economy.