Career and Technical Education

  • Pathways to Success

    Get a jump-start on your future! The Career and Technical Education Department is leading the way in teaching students how to effectively use technology. Teaching students to critically think and utilize their newfound knowledge in all aspects of their life is a priority of all CTE teachers.

    Real Experience, Real Knowledge

    Real world experience, interpersonal skills, and career related skills are stressed throughout our CTE curriculum. Students are applying the information they learn into their everyday lives and achieving great things. As a department, we aspire to inspire our students to think "outside the box" and achieve their goals.

    Technology and business are becoming part of our everyday lives. Whether we are simply writing a letter or writing HTML code for web pages, technology and its timesaving features are powering our world. Keeping up with the demands of the working world and providing our students with skills that can be applied in everyday life and, most importantly, business, are our main goals. We offer diverse courses in technology and business with small, caring classroom environments (less than 20 students per class). Students are constantly applying and integrating the knowledge gained in CTE courses.

    Teams and Activities

    FBLA, FCCLA, DECA, VICA (SkillsUSA), and Peer Tutors provide students with extracurricular activities that supplement our CTE classes. Our award winning teams attract a diverse group of students and allow students to achieve great things, both in and out of the classroom. Going to business meetings, leadership conferences, competitions, and more, reinforce what is being taught in the classroom, as well as, what is going on in "the real world". Students are put in leadership roles and blossom.

    We are excited to see what is going on within Enloe High School CTE Department and look forward to taking our classes and students to new heights.