Chinese (中文)

  • Teacher: Qiang Chen


    Chinese I

    This course will provide a presentation of the basic listening skills of the language with emphasis on listening and speaking. Reading and writing of material will be introduced. Cultural information regarding the life, customs, and culture of the people is included. Basic Chinese characters will be studied.

    Chinese II

    This course continues to build upon the knowledge gained in Chinese I. The students will demostrate an emerging ability to make short statements by combining previously learned elements of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There is a continuation of mastery of writing Chinese characters. Further study of culture is included.

    Chinese III (IB) (H)

    This course emphasizes aural-oral skills through reading, writing, and conversation. A continuation of the study of grammar as well as cultural and historical contributions aid the student's development of increased competency in the language and in cultural knowledge of the Chinese people.

    Chinese III (IB) (H)

    This course will offer an increased competency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the language. Discussions, debates, and conversation will be enhanced by the readings of selected novels, short stories, essays, drama, poetry, newspapers, and magazines.

    Advanced Placement/IB Chinese Language & Culture

    This course follows the prescribed curriculum of the Advanced Placement program. Instruction focuses on the mastery of language skills through increased lieterary and media reading, conversation, grammar, and composition at the college level. At the end of the course, students may elect to take the Advanced Placement Examination.

    IB Language B: Mandarin HL

    This course follows the recommended curriculum of the IB Chinese B program. Student will improve their speaking ability and learn to express themselves clearly and effectively. Writing skills will be refined through creative expression. Reading and listening skills along with selected videos will be included.