• Excellence in Literature

    Intellectually stimulating classes, strong instruction, and electives in both composition and comprehension make Enloe English students well prepared and nationally competitive. Stone Soup, our literary magazine, has received the highest award from the National Council of Teachers of English as well as first place in the Scholastic Press Competition. Students have won many individual writing awards such as the Phi Beta Kappa essay contest, and awards, which in the National Council of English Writing Achievement Awards, a Scholastic Portfolio Award (among five nationally), and "Best in Contest", "First Place" and many other awards in the Raleigh Fine Arts Contest. Additionally, our AP scores have consistently far surpassed the national average even though an exceptionally large number of students take the exam.

    Each grade level at Enloe includes a study of a variety of ethnic and cultural selections and a writing program based on the Wake County Curriculum. Students are encouraged to enroll in writing classes in order to use their creative talents and to improve their writing skills as reinforcement for their English classes. Computer labs and classroom computers are used for writing projects, essays, poetry, and related publications such as the school yearbook and newspaper.

    Civilizations & Cultures

    See a comparison between standard English and the C&C alternative

    C&C classes are two-period courses offered to challenge freshmen and sophomores. Ninth-grade academically motivated AG/Honors students are challenged to examine universal cultural patterns through literature and the study of US Economics & Civics. Tenth Grade AG/Honors students study world literature, the social sciences, and the arts in an historical perspective. Written and oral emphasis is placed on creating imaginative forms as well as developing skills in writing analysis for research and writing essays for tests. These courses meet the requirements for ninth grade English and Economic, Legal and Political Systems and tenth grade English and World Civilizations.

    Advanced/IB/AG/AP Curriculum

    Students receive weighted credit for these courses with an extra quality point in grades 11 and 12 for Advanced Placement English . The rigorous AG/ Advanced/ IB ninth and tenth grade English curriculum leads to the honors or college level Advanced Placement (AG) English curriculum in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Upon completion of each AP course, students can take the National College Board examinations and, if successful, place out of required English courses as designated by the competitive colleges or universities which they attend. An International Baccalaureate (IB) program with trained instructors in English is combined with AP/Advanced 11 and 12 English.

    AP English General Rubrics: