Student Resources

    • Subject Teacher - Talk first with the teacher with whom an issue is relevant.
    • Textbook - The text often contains helpful examples and answers.

    Things to Avoid

    At Enloe, there are many pitfalls that can limit the success of math students, and students should strive to avoid these during their time at this school. Below are listed things to remember through the course of your education, and are applicable to many subject areas.

    • Make up work after absences (For 1 day of excused absence, 2 days are allowed to make up work).
    • See teachers about assignments missed during absences.
    • If you don't understand an assignment, make arrangements to discuss this with the teacher ASAP.
    • Understand assignments and due dates; trade phone contacts with a friend in your class to keep up when absent.
    • Keep a notebook or agenda for recording assignments.
    • Complete and submit homework on time.
    • Keep materials organized and easily accessible.
    • Bring a notebook to class daily; date notes and handouts for easy organization.
    • Recognize that resources for improvement exist in many forms.