• The Medical Academy's mission is to provide students with sound academic foundations and technical skills that will enable them to continue their educations beyond high school and obtain employment in health-care fields. Through the efforts of team planning, Enloe has developed a curriculum that integrates the technical skills and terminology of health-related occupations. Core courses and specific electives are offered. The total curriculum is designed to nurture student interest in health-related careers and to better advise them of career options in the medical field.


    The Academy of Creative Design (ACD) offers students exciting hands-on and work-based learning experiences to embark in the Arts, Audio | Video Technology, and Communications career cluster. ACD academy students can select the Advertising & Design career pathway or the Adobe career pathway when they apply to the ACD. All Enloe assigned rising 9th graders are eligible to apply during the upcoming application process. Current Enloe freshman that successfully completed the Adobe Visual course are invited to apply. Bring your creative talents to the Academy of Creative Design (ACD).