Enloe Grading Plan

  • Wake County Public School System is committed to maintaining rigorous performance and achievement standards for all students and to providing a fair and consistent process for evaluating and reporting student progress that is understandable to students and their parents and relevant for instructional purposes.

    The information below shares specific information about grading for our school.



    The Enloe Magnet High School faculty and administration believe that homework is a part of the learning process. Homework must only be an extension of class work and afford students the opportunity to practice skills and apply concepts learned in the classroom. Homework reflects content and skills explicitly taught and practiced in class first. Projects or long-term work that is developed both in class and at home is not considered homework for grading practices.  According to board policy, all grades must be tied to student learning of the standards and cannot be punitive.

    • Students should be prepared for homework in all subjects. Board Policy R&P 3135 suggests approximately 30 minutes per class session per night as a guideline.
    • Completion grades will not be the sole factor in a student’s homework grade.
    • Late homework will be accepted by the teacher throughout the quarter in order to provide the student with feedback. Late homework can be an alternate assessment of the same standards.
    • If homework is graded, it will not count more than 15% of a student’s total quarter grade, as defined by department or PLTs.


    Missed/Late Work 

    The following are school-wide expectations for missed and/or late work: 

    • Students are expected to complete all assignments in each class.
    • Missed work (from an absence) or an alternate assignment provided by the teacher should be completed within the specified time determined by the PLT.
    • Late work (not turned in on time and not due to an absence) should be submitted to the teacher within the specified time determined by the PLT.
    • PLTs must create and communicate in their syllabus a consistent plan for accepting missed/late work and define adequate time for submission of missed work within the grading period. The plan must be in alignment with Enloe policy and WCPSS School Board Policy and will not be punitive in nature.


    Prevention-Intervention Plan 

    For students at risk of academic failure, our school provides a prevention/intervention system that promotes successful completion and mastery of work.         

    All PLTs have developed a prevention system that provides students with additional time and support to be successful during each grading period.  This system will include opportunities for additional learning and assessment of learning to support student success; and it will include a systematic way for students to be re-assessed on their learning. 

    The PLT intervention plan must include objective recovery either through Gradpoint or an Academic Recovery Plan (ARP).  The intervention plan will be implemented for students failing any of the first three quarters.

    The prevention/intervention plan will be made available by each teacher.


    Extra Credit

    Extra credit is offered at the PLTs discretion.  Where it is offered, extra credit opportunities to enhance grades will be connected to learning outcomes and consistent within PLTs.