About Our School

  • Mission Statement

    Wake County Public School System will provide a relevant and engaging education and will graduate students who are collaborative, creative, effective communicators, and critical thinkers.

    Vision Statement

    Enloe High School prepares all students for the global society by giving them a broad spectrum of opportunities to prepare for education and employment beyond high school. Enloe High School is a community dedicated to a standard of excellence in education that fosters scholarship, integrity, diversity and equity.

    School History

    William G. Enloe High School opened in 1962. Named in honor of the Mayor of Raleigh at the time, Enloe answered the need for a secondary educational institution for all students living in the vicinity of the Longview Gardens Community. It opened as Raleigh's first integrated high school. Enloe initially housed students from grades seven through eleven. The Class of 1963 was the first graduating class.

    In 1965, Aycock Junior High School opened on an adjacent campus. Students in grades seven through nine were assigned to the junior high school, and William G. Enloe became the senior high school serving students in grades ten through twelve.

    During the spring of 1979, Aycock Junior High School was merged with Enloe High School to form a 9-12 high school. Aycock's building was designated as Enloe East and the Enloe building was designated as Enloe West. In the 1980-81 school year, a magnet component designed to provide specialized courses for gifted and talented students was added to the academic program at Enloe. Approximately 300 students participated in the magnet program each of the first two years of its existence.

    Enloe students enjoy the school's diversity reflected in the curriculum and in the student population. If Enloe could be summed up in one word, it would be excellence. We offer students the opportunity to explore and grow to their full potential. Whether it be through academics, sports, or the arts, Enloe provides students the opportunity to perform, to learn, to grow, and to dream.


    Alma Mater

    To Enloe High we salute this day
    and raise our voices high.
    We will honor thee loyal be
    praising thee to the sky.
    Now we will pledge our faith to thee
    and cherish your ideals eternally.
    To the heights she calls us every day
    Our Alma Mater dear
    Heights of Knowledge
    Hope and Strength and courage too
    Free from all doubt and fear
    Strong are the bonds of friendship here
    Guide us dear Alma Mater
    Through the years.

    School Colors

    Forest Green and Old Gold are the school colors of Enloe High and the Eagle is Enloe's emblem and mascot. This emblem symbolizes the bold, undaunted spirit needed for any undertaking.

    Fight Song

    Cheer for the Green and Gold!
    Cheer loud and long for Enloe!
    Cheer, cheer for Enloe High,
    We praise her worthy name!
    Here's to the mighty Eagles!
    Here's to the fighting Eagles!
    Here's to the victory,
    Our team must win this game!