Honor Code

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    Honor is, by definition, living by common ethical standards for the sake and respect of community and environment. Honor includes refraining from cheating, forgery, harassment, littering, lying, plagiarism, stealing/identity theft, and vandalism.

    1. Cheating: can be defined as using or sharing information that has not been authorized for any assignment.
    2. Forgery/Identity Theft: can be defined as assuming another’s identity, orally or written, including unauthorized use of user names and passwords of others on the school network.
    3. Harassment: can be defined as causing intentional distress, be it physical, mental, or emotional.
    4. Littering: can be defined as disregarding the environment by discarding trash in areas other than those designated for trash.
    5. Lying: can be defined as telling falsehoods, either to benefit oneself or to benefit another person; also, not telling the whole truth; intentionally omitting information.
    6. Plagiarism: can be defined as taking credit for someone’s work, without citing a source.
    7. Stealing: can be defined as taking and/or keeping the possessions of others without their consent or knowledge.
    8. Vandalism: can be defined as causing damage to or altering the appearance of another’s property, including components of the school network.

    Consequences: See student handbook for existing policies.