Drivers Education - Enloe Specific

  • May 19, 2022 Drivers' Education UPDATE


    Carolyn Hunter -


    Classes are full for the summer.  There is a waiting list that will be used for any opening (limit of 15 students on the waitlist).

    • Payment links and due dates for the $65 fee have been sent to all students confirmed for a summer class; please meet the due dates.
    • If you are not placed in a summer session, please submit a Fall 2022 form when the classes are announced in early August. REGISTRATION FORMS DO NOT CARRY OVER.
    • If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, submit the waiver request at the same time.

    Behind the Wheel training has a longer wait time but summer should allow for greater improvement in wait time since we can drive all day.

    Drivers are completing their current roster from classes in July and August of 2021.  All spring/summer 2021 students must be scheduled for BTW, prior to moving to the Fall of 2021 students (November and December). This is a county-wide policy.

    If you took a class at another site, (last summer) please let me know. I do not have your information; it may not have been shared with me. (It will take a few days to get information) 

    We currently have three Behind-the-Wheel Drivers:  Mr. Kevin Sparrow, Mrs. Jackie Smith and Mr. Jay Stanback.


    If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn Hunter at .