Computer Science Courses

  • Magnet Intro Computer Science Honors (Full Year) (Honors)

    Prerequisite: Math 1 with a B or higher
    Students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of computer science and programming. General computer science topics covered will include history, basic computer architecture, algorithms, and computer number systems. Programming topics taught using the C++ language include data types and variables, input-output procedures, decision structures, basic loop structures, documentation, and a strong emphasis on modular programming techniques. Additional C++ programming topics covered in this course include advanced data types, string manipulation, text files, advanced loop structures, arrays, sets, continued emphasis of modular programming. General computer science topics covered include advanced algorithms, boolean algebra, linked lists, bit string flicking, and elementary digital circuits.

    Magnet Advanced Computer Science Honors (Full Year) (Honors)

    Prerequisite: Magnet Intro Computer Science Honors. 
    This course begins with a review of Magnet Intro to Computer Science Honors topics in the C++ programming language. Students will be introduced to the advanced algorithms for sorting and searching, structured variables, recursive programming techniques, pointers, linked lists , stacked queues and binary trees. Also, continued development of advanced C++ programming with an emphasis on object oriented techniques. Topics will include structured files, database programming techniques, dynamic variables, stacks, queues, and operator overloading. A group project is a major part of the course. Students wishing to test in IB Computer Science should take this course.

    Advanced Placement/IB Computer Science A (Full Year)

    Prerequisite: Magnet Advanced Computer Science Honors and teacher recommendation 
    This course is designed to prepare the student for the Advanced Placement exam in Computer Science in the Java programming language. The course includes all the areas covered in an introductory college computer science course. Students may earn college credits based on their performance on the exam.

    Special Topics/Computer Science (Seminar) (Full Year) (Honors)

    Prerequisite: Must be taking or already have taken AP/IB Computer Science A and must have teacher recommendation 
    This course will allow the students to explore advanced topics in Python. Thorough knowledge of and extensive experience with programming control and data structures will be assumed, and assignments will be multi-week individual and group projects. The graphical interface features of Python will be examined in detail, and the students will learn the necessary techniques to create professional-style applets. Additionally, efficient algorithm design and game theory and design will be ongoing themes of this course.