•  Teacher: Patrick Dombrowski


    Latin I

    This course will provide the basic skills of the language with emphasis on vocabulary, reading and writing. Information regarding Latin phrases and abbreviations used in English, as well as life and customs of the people will be included.

    Latin II

    This course continues to build upon the knowledge gained in the level one course. The vocabulary and technical language skills are increased extensively through reading selections. Further study of life and customs of the people is included.

    Latin III (H)

    This is a reading based course designed to master grammar concepts gained in previous levels as well as prepare students for reading the AP curriculum. A survey of Latin authors enables students to appreciate their renowned reputations. Selected authors include Caesar, Pliny, Cicero, Ovid, Catullus, Martial, Petronius, Phaedrus, and Virgil.

    Latin IV (H)

    This course builds on the skills learned in the previous years and empowers readers to experience the premier poets of the Golden and Silver Age. Reading either Virgil or Catullus/Ovid, this class examines the ever-dominant role mythology and religion played in Roman history. Students will master tasks needed for success on the AP Latin examination and will gain confidence to take this test during their senior year.

    Advanced Placement Latin

    This course will adhere closely to the prescribed Advanced Placement program with attention to Horace, Catullus, Virgil, and Ovid. At the end of the course, students may elect to take the Advanced Placement Examination in Virgil and/or Latin Literature.