French (Français)

  • Teachers: Hela Dridi and Laura Summers


    French I

    This course will provide the basic skills of the language. The four areas of proficiency -- reading, writing, listening, and speaking -- will be included, with emphasis on listening and speaking. Information regarding the life, customs, and culture of the people will be included.

    French II

    This course continues to build upon the knowledge gained in the level-one course. Vocabulary is practiced contextually in oral and written form. An intensive study of grammar is emphasized, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing multiple verb forms. Further study of culture is included.

    French III (IB) (H)

    This course emphasizes aural-oral skills thorugh reading, writing, and conversation. A continuation of the study of grammar as well as cultural and historical contributions lead to the student's increased proficiency in the language and knowledge of the francophone countries and their people.

    French IV (IB) (H)

    This course offers an increased competency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the language. Discussions, conversation and further study of the culture and history are enhanced by the readings of selected novels, short stories, essays, drama, poetry, newspapers, and magazines. The study of advanced grammar concepts continues with emphasis on communication as well as accuracy.

    Advanced Placement/IB French Language & Culture

    This course follows the prescribed curriculum of the Advanced Placement program. Instruction focuses on the mastery of language skills through increased reading, conversation, aural-oral work, and composition at the college level. At the end of the course, students may elect to take the Advanced Placement Examination.

    French Club

    Here is some general information that you could find useful.

    • Did you know that French is the second most frequently taught foreign language after English?
    • Did you know that French is the official language in 33 countries?

    Why be in French Club?

    French Club gives you the opportunity to learn more about French culture and language. This year is going to be very exciting! We will be doing a variety of activities that promote the French culture within the the club as well as in the community. In order to provide the best activities we will be having a $5 fee. To be considered a member for the year you must pay the dues and attend at least six of the nine meetings. Some of the planned activities include playing games, watching movies, and having fun.


    Here are links that will direct you to some excellent websites about French culture and language.