Key Skills

  • The Enloe math department faculty recommend that students have acquired some basic skills before beginning each class; the skills desired by these faculty are listed below.

    • Know basic arithmetic skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division rules.
    • Have an understanding of fractions and basic math operations with fractions.
    • Have solid note-taking skills; be able to record information given both orally and visually.
    • Read the textbook assigned for the class; textbooks often provide examples and selected answers.

    Study Skills

    At Enloe High School, good study skills are crucial to achieving success during your academic career. Listed below are some practices recommended by the math department.

    • Do homework every night; read and practice topics if no written work is assigned.
    • Study continuously instead of cramming the night before tests to insure a comprehensive understanding.
    • Ask questions about homework in class the following day.
    • Take notes during class discussions; review these notes later as a means of studying.