Physical Sciences

  • Chemistry

    Four chemisty courses are offered at Enloe: Academic Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Honors Concentrate (2 periods), and Advanced Placement Chemistry (2 periods). Enloe chemistry courses emphasize lab work and practical applications to best endow students with a knowledge of the world around them and prepare them for the North Carolina End Of Course Test administered to all Chemistry students each Spring.

    In Enloe's chemistry classrooms, prepared multimedia allow students to examine up-to-date techniques to use when performing experiments. During classroom lab experiments, computer probes such as pH meters are available to interface with provided computers and graphing calculators.

    Physical Science

    Academic Physical Science is a course based on an inquiry system of teaching and learning. The inquiry system includes observation, investigation, research, interpretation, and critical study of conclusions. Through this system of comprehension, students aquire an understanding of the basic processes of scientific study, as well as fundamental scientific knowledge.

    The Physical Science course is comprised of units focused mainly on the study of matter and energy. The laboratory orientation of this course allows students to investigate the most commonly presented topics of the subject area. Students are required to take a North Carolina End-of-Course Test as a part of the Physical Science course.


    Lab experimentations and investigations are an integral part of course work in Enloe physics courses. Computers and Calculator Based Laboratories (CBL's), combined with the wireless scientific computing lab, open exciting opportunities to students. Interfacing units and CBL's allow students to make lab measurements with force and temperature probes, motion sensors, and photogates, while computing technology allows for quick and accurate analysis and presentation of data and conclusions.

    During labs, physics students record and digitize videos of experiments for later analysis and reflection. Enloe faculty emphasize the development of both applications and concepts in the study of physics.

    The Enloe Science Department offers two double-period AP/IB Physics college-level classes, both non-calculus and calculus-based, that feature in-depth lab work.

    Extensive information for physics students is routinely posted online by Science Department faculty. The password protectedThinkWave is available for students and parents to check assignments, grades, and contact teachers.