Life Sciences

  • The life sciences at Enloe are varied and interesting. Marine Biology, Outdoor Science, Genetics, and Science Research are but a few of the electives offered.

    A dynamic two period biology course and an AP Biology section provide students with oportunities to investigate recombinant DNA problems. Computers and interfacing devices are used to measure, organize, record and analyze data during lab experimentation. AP Environmental Science presents an intensive Advanced Placement study of earth systems and their connections.

    Earth Science

    The Earth Science course, a study of the earth and its climate, processes, and scientific history, is now a required credit for high school graduation. Some ninth grade students may take either academic or honors Earth Science instead of a Biology course (usually for lack of the necessary Algebra credit), while others wait to take AP/IB Environmental Science, which also meets the graduation requirement.

    The Enloe Science Department offers Academic Earth Science, Advanced Earth Science (H), AP/IB Environmental Science as fulfillment for the required Earth Science credit. Below are listed links to pages created by Enloe faculty as teaching aids for exploring various Earth Science subject areas.

    Environmental Science

    Advanced Placement/IB Environmental Science is a year long elective that satisfied the Environmental Science graduation credit requirement. This course treats environmental science as an interdisciplinary study with emphasis on key environmental issues. Some topics discussed during the year are the loss of biodiversity, ozone depletion, urbanization, and others that are relevant to the human species.

    This is a college-level course. Environmental Science provides students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world. Also important focuses are identification and analysis of environmental problems, to evaluation of relative risks associated with these problems, and examination of alternative solutions for their resolution and/or prevention.

    Students enrolled in AP Environmental Science are encouraged to take the corresponding Advanced Placement exam in the Spring.