Foreign Language
  • The World Language department at Wakefield houses our world languages as well as our English as a Second Language classes. At Wakefield, we offer French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Generally, colleges and universities require a minimum of two credits of the same world language for admission; however many competitive schools favor three consecutive credits of the same language. Very competitive students should consider four or more credits of the same language, including AP courses. Here are the classes offered at Wakefield:
    Foreign Language Classes offered at Wakefield: 
     French  German Latin
    French I

    French II

    Honors French III

    Honors French IV^

    Honors French V^  
    German I

    German II

    Honors German III

    Honors German IV

    Honors German V    

    Latin I

    Latin II

    Honors Latin III 

    Honors Latin IV

    AP Latin^ 
     SpanishEnglish as a Second Language (ESL)
    Spanish I

    Spanish II

    Honors Spanish III

    Honors Spanish IV

    AP Spanish Language*

    AP Spanish Literature*

    ESL I

    ESL II

    ESL III 

      *on demand only

    When learning a new language, it’s important to practice every night in order to be successful! New material will always build on old material, so students should study/practice in a way that promotes long-term retention (and not short-term memorization). Sometimes, this means students need to change the way they approach studying for a language class. It may require additional preparation or even studying in a different way. It may also mean reaching out to the teacher for help more than has been necessary for other classes. The World Language teachers are committed to helping students succeed, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

    In addition to teacher help, there are a number of excellent websites available to help students review vocab and grammar:

Foreign Language Department Directory

Last Name First Name Email Position Teacher Website
Anderson Karhonda World Languages
Barry Cassia Spanish
Furches Annie Spanish/Department Chair
Hill Stevens World Languages
Marioara Lili ESL
Martinko Sarah ESL
Mialy Rabe French
Sanchez Macy Deborah Spanish
Spampinato Tracy German