Wakefield High School

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    Wakefield High School is situated on a 110 acre tract in Northern Wake County near the town of Wake Forest. Just north of Raleigh, the main campus is centrally located in the Wakefield Community. The high school is adjacent to Wakefield Elementary and Middle Schools and a YMCA close to campus enhances its reputation as a community-based school. Wakefield is a comprehensive public secondary school that offers a traditional curriculum based on the North Carolina Essential Standards.

    All courses are offered on a 4 x 4 block schedule. In addition to advanced placement and honors classes, Wakefield offers an extensive program of vocational, technical, and career development courses. An award-winning arts program provides instruction in instrumental and vocal music, theater, visual art, and dance. A special programs course of study is offered for exceptional students who meet state guidelines. Wakefield cooperates with North Carolina Virtual Public School and local universities and community colleges to provide dual enrollment opportunities for students who take elective courses not offered on the high school campus.

    A 4-AA school governed by the North Carolina Athletic Association, Wakefield has achieved recognition in many sports. Outstanding recognition noted recently for Wolverine Athletics include two state titles in boys’ basketball. The Wolverines compete in football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, track, cross country, lacrosse, golf, swimming, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, and gymnastics. Believing that extra-curricular activities are an essential part of high school life, Wakefield is committed to service and leadership through clubs and various organizations. Student life is thriving and there are numerous opportunities for involvement including participation in student government, academic and honor societies, fine arts clubs, service and cultural groups, business and civic organizations, and athletics.

    • Total Enrollment: 1940
    • Senior Class Enrollment: 446
    • Accreditation: Souther Association of Colleges and Schools
    • Post Graduation Plans Data: Four Year College: 63%, Two-Year College: 28%, Military: 4% Other: 5% 
    • Serves student from 9th to 12th grade
    • Mascot/Logo: Wolverines
    • School Colors: Maroon, Black, and Silver
    • Accreditation: AdvancED
    • CEEB Code: 343244
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    Wakefield High School maintains a high standard of learning for all students that effectively prepares all students for graduation and for becoming productive citizens.
    The Wakefield High School learning community supports students in developing 21st Century skills that allow them to contribute responsibly in an ever-changing environment.
    • We believe in the education of the whole person and learning is a continuous, lifelong process. Interactive learning experiences, specific assessment of talents and abilities, and exposure to future opportunities prepares students for the pursuit of life goals.
    • Within the learning community, education extends beyond the classroom and requires the active participation of students, teachers, parents, staff, and business partners. Individual mastery of challenging academic standards requires high expectations, support systems, highly qualified staff, optimal physical facilities and differentiated instruction.
    • We respect and appreciate diversity as we foster unity in our students, faculty, staff, and community.
    • The Wakefield High School learning community has the right to a safe, healthy and orderly environment and an atmosphere that supports individual worth, dignity, and mutual respect.

    The students of Wakefield High School are committed to being honest and responsible in the completion of academic materials and interactions with the school administration and community. Cheating, stealing, plagiarism (passing off another’s work, words, or ideas as one’s own), and lying (including willful distortion or misrepresentation) are considered violations of the Honor Code. Through a joint fulfillment of this code, students and faculty will achieve their fullest potential in academic excellence and character.