Student Expectations

  • Consent for Technology and Digital Resource Use Form
    Students it is imperative that you turn in the Consent for Technology and Digital Resource Use form. If a student does not turn in this form or the parent chooses “Deny” students will not be able to use any school computers, take any computer based classes including NCVPS or GradPoint and they will not be allowed to have a PowerSchool account. Forms should be turned into your first period teacher as soon as possible.

    A school climate conducive to serious study and respect for oneself, others, and property is essential to meet the needs of youth. Each school principal has the authority and responsibility to take whatever reasonable and legal action is necessary to establish and maintain appropriate student behavior.

    All students are responsible for complying with and are expected to be familiar with the WCPSS Code of Student Conduct and school board policies governing student behavior and conduct. All Code of Conduct policies are contained in the WCPSS Student/Parent Handbook, which is distributed at the beginning of each school year or upon enrollment in the WCPSS. If there is a conflict between the
    rules expressed in the school handbook and the Code of Student Conduct policies, the WCPSS Code of Student Conduct policies shall take precedence.

    We believe that teachers have the right to teach and students have the right to learn. Every student has the right to be free from distractions and harm caused by inappropriate behavior in the classroom. Wakefield’s Discipline Program focuses on helping students develop self-discipline and on creating the best learning environment for all. Administration reserves the right to modify consequences for inappropriate behavior based on student need.
    The students of Wakefield High School are committed to being honest and responsible in the completion of academic materials and interactions with the school administration and community. Cheating, stealing, plagiarism (passing off another's work, words, or ideas as one's own), and lying (including willful distortion or misrepresentation) are considered violations of the Honor Code. Through a joint fulfillment of this code, students and faculty will achieve their fullest potential in academic excellence and character. 
    A decision about “why” you have chosen not to abide by one of the non-negotiables is not an option. Students are expected to comply with all rules and regulations set forth by WCPSS and Wakefield High School. Failure to comply with these 5 expectations may result in OSS.
    1. CLASS OR PASS - If you are in the halls, you must have a pass and it must be presented when requested by an adult.
    2. STAY OR PAY - If students are out of place and are approached by any adult, they must remain in the presence of that individual until the issue is resolved.
    3. COMPLY OR GOODBYE - Students are expected to follow the rules while on campus. Failure to comply with reasonable requests may result in OSS.
    4. ON TIME OR SERVE TIME - Students are expected to get to class on time. Failure to comply will result in ASD, Saturday Detention, and OSS.
    5. TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES - Students are expected to display the highest level of integrity. Cheating, lying, stealing, & falsification will not be tolerated.  
    All classes are required to give a final assessment that will account for 20% of the student’s weighted grade for the semester.  All instructors in a PLT will give the same final assessment to all sections of the course. Exams will be given in one of the following formats: EoC, NCFE, VOCAT, traditional test, performance assessment or summative project.  Details on the format of the final exam will be included on the course syllabus. For students who are not taking a course with an EoC, NCFE or VOCAT exam, all absences count in the exemption total except for approved school sponsored activities and college visits.
    All students, 9-12, may be exempted from exams if the following criteria are met:
                “A” average with 3 or fewer absences for the course.

                “B” average with 2 or fewer absences for the course.

                “C” average with 1 or fewer absences for the course.

                  3 tardies = 1 absence.

    Any student with an unexcused absence cannot be exempt from an exam. There will be no appeals process for exemptions.

    All absences count in the exemption total except for school-sponsored field trips, activities, and approved college days. No student can be exempted from a State EOC test or VOCATS. Teachers will determine students who are exempt in each class based on the above criteria.


    Late Work

    Late Work due to an excused absence will follow the WCPSS make up work policy: Assignments assigned prior to an absence will be due upon return; this includes tests scheduled for the day of the return.

    If the make-up work has not been assigned in advance, for absences of 1 to 3 days, the student will have a minimum of 1 day for each absence to complete missed assignments. For absences exceeding 3 days, the student will have a minimum of 2 days for each absence to complete assignments. Students will receive full credit for all make-up work following an excused or unexcused absence as long as the work is completed within the time limit according to teacher expectations and for unexcused absences as long as remediation has been attended to complete the assignment. Special consideration should be given in the case of extended absences due to injury or chronic illness.

    Academic/Honors Courses

    All students have the opportunity to recover grades through completing alternative assignments to demonstrate mastery, turning in missing work, and/or completing retests. For late work, students will earn a minimum of 70% of the grade they would have received if turned in on time. Work that is submitted on time and meets the minimal completion requirements will receive a score no less than 50%. Teachers do not have to accept late work after 1 week prior to the end of the grading period.

    AP Courses

    For late work in AP courses, students will earn a minimum of 60% of the grade they would have received if turned in on time. Teachers do not have to accept late work beyond 1 week after the initial due date.