Dress Code

    Dress Code/ Inappropriate Dress
    Clothing that disrupts the educational environment and violates dress code is not allowed. Violation slips will be issued in the classroom. Students who dress inappropriately will be sent to the Attendance Office and given the following options:
    • Change into clothes provided by WHS.
    • Call a parent to bring a change of clothes.
    • Spend the rest of the day in ISS for non-compliance.

    • Hats, headgear and sunglasses are not allowed in the building.
    • Shirts must have a strap on each shoulder that is at least 2 fingers wide. They must not expose under-garments, cleavage, or the midriff area in the front or back at any time.
    • Shirts cannot have cut-out sides or backs. See- through clothing cannot be worn.
    • Shorts, skirts must be no shorter than 6” from the top of the knee. Loose fitting athletic wear will be permitted.
    • Clothing or dress, tattoos or adornments may not contain or display explicit language or graffiti relating to (but not limited to) the following: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, sex or gangs.
    • Uniforms must comply with dress code if worn at school during the school day.