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    Summer 2023 Driver Education Update


    Drivers Ed Part 1:  Classroom Instruction:

    All WCPSS Drivers Ed classes for 2023 are scheduled to be taught in person.  There will be four monthly Drivers Ed classes taught in the Summer – two in June and two in July.  All of the remaining Spring classes are full.

    • Summer 2023 registration will take place through the JDS website and will open on 4/10/23.  Applicants are encouraged to keep a close eye on the website and initiate their registration as soon as it is available. Registration is completely electronic; there are no physical forms to submit.  Specific dates for the classes will be visible on the site on approximately 4/3/23.
    • The fee for Drivers Ed is $65.00, payable online, and covers both the classroom teaching and the driving instruction. No payment should be made until the student completes the registration for and is accepted into a specific month’s class.  When the electronic registration for a particular class is completed, families will receive an email with payment instructions.  There is a fee-waiver provision for families who are unable to afford the fee; specific waiver information and forms can be found on the JDS website.


    Drivers Ed Part 2:  Behind-the-Wheel Instruction:

    Students are driven according to the month they took the classroom portion.  We are working through each classroom section – a month at a time -- based on age within the class, oldest to youngest. Clearly, the shutdown changed our typical schedules and processes.

    • We are currently driving students who took the classroom portion of Drivers Ed in October of 2022.  Currently, there is approximately a four to five month wait between Classroom instruction and Behind-the-Wheel instruction.
    • Driving instructors will contact the family initially by phone, using the phone numbers that were provided on the initial registration form.  Instructors will want to speak with a parent.
    • Each driving instructor has been trained on health safety protocols and has specific directions to follow that are not negotiable.  When you are called for BTW, the instructor will go over these with you.  Masks will be the prerogative of the driving instructor.


    General Drivers Ed Information:

    • For a teen to enter the Graduated Licensing process, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.  Students may take Drivers Ed any time after the age of 14 ½.  Students must be at least 14 ½ years old by the first day of the class that they are registered for.
    • To be eligible for a North Carolina Level 1 Learner’s Permit, students must have finished both parts (Classroom Instruction and Driving Instruction) of Drivers Ed and be between the ages of 14.5 and 18.  When a student finishes only the Classroom Instruction portion, Drivers Ed is not over.
    • The Classroom portion of Drivers Ed occurs first.  Upon completion of Part 1, the student will be automatically placed in line for Part 2: Behind-The-Wheel training, which will be conducted at the school which the student attends.  When both Instruction Parts are completed, the student will be given a Drivers Ed Completion Certificate, and the licensing process can begin at the DMV.
    • There are no academic requirements to take the Driver Education class. There are specific academic requirements to apply for a permit or license at the NC DMV after finishing the class.
    • Drivers Ed is an extracurricular activity; it is not part of the regular school day, nor is any academic credit given.  Jordan Driving School has a contract with WCPSS to provide Drivers Education outside of school hours.  Classroom instruction takes place after 2:30 on weekdays during the school year; driving instruction may also be provided on weekends, holidays, summer breaks, and other non-school days. 
    • Under North Carolina law, only students under the age of 18 are required to take Drivers Education.  If the student is over or near 18 years old, please contact the Mr. Tharrington directly.
    • For additional information, an email should be sent to the Lead Teacher (wakefield@jordandriving.com).  You may also visit the JDS website at www.jordandriving.com. On the website you will find general information, email addresses for Lead Teachers, specific classroom dates, and a list of additional classes that might be available. For Behind the Wheel questions or information specific to your school, contact your Lead Teacher directly.


    Edward Tharrington

    WHS Drivers Ed Lead Teacher

    Jordan Driving School




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