Off Campus Lunch Pass

  • This contract and your payment should be turned in to the office on your assigned date. The lunch pass is $10.00. There is a $5 replacement cost. (Cash, money order or cashier’s check.) No personal checks are accepted. No lunch passes will be sold the first week of school. There will be make-up times scheduled. Only approved Juniors and Seniors may go off campus for lunch. Sophomores MAY NOT go off campus for lunch under any circumstances. Before purchasing an off-campus lunch pass: 1) all fines & fees must be paid; 2) both the student and his (her) parents must read, understand and agree to the rules and regulations of this contract. Please download the form to the right in order to read ALL the information regarding Off Campus Lunch Passes.  

Student Parking

  • Parking is limited and we cannot guarantee all students will receive a space.  Seniors have priority.  The fee of $200.00 is set by the Wake County Board of Education.  Parking registration is August 13 and 14th for Juniors and Seniors.  August 15th is Sophomore parking registration as well as being a make-up day for Juniors and Seniors who are not able to come in on the 13th or 14th.  If you do not register during your assigned dates and times, you must wait until AFTER the first week of school.  You will be able to pay online, but you won't be able to register your cars online.  All paperwork, including proof of payment, must be turned in on your assigned draw date ... BEFORE you can draw for a space.

    Please download the form to the right in order to read ALL the information regarding Parking Spaces. 


  • Fines
    The Media Center assesses a fine of $0.05 for each day late. Reference and Rserve materials are assessed a $1.50 fine per day. Reference and Reserve materials are needed each day for classes. These must be returned.
    Textbook Fines
    The Media Center collects these fines but is not responsible for fines for damages or lost books. If you feel you have been assessed a textbook fine unjustly, you should discuss this with your teacher. We are not responsible for these. If you cannot resolve the problem with the teacher, we will then investigate the issue with you. Money collected goes to the school's general textbook fund, not to the media center.
    Parking Fines
    The Media Center collects parking fines. But the Media Center does not give out these fines, they only collect the money. Disputes over these fines should be taken up with whomever assigned the ticket. No exceptions.