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    Library Media Center Book Fines

    The Library Media Center has suspended the collection of fees during the pandemic.   
    Please return all library books as soon as you are finished reading them.
    CLICK HERE to learn how to check your account.
    During a typical year the library assesses a fine of $0.05 for each day late. Reference and Rserve materials are assessed a $1.50 fine per day. Reference and Reserve materials are needed each day for classes. These must be returned.

    Textbook Fines
    The Media Center collects these fines but is not responsible for fines for damages or lost books. If you feel you have been assessed a textbook fine unjustly, you should discuss this with your teacher. We are not responsible for these. If you cannot resolve the problem with the teacher, we will then investigate the issue with you. Money collected goes to the school's general textbook fund, not to the media center.


Student Parking

Off Campus Lunch Pass 2021

Fill out this FORM to acquire a lunch pass that will be available during Q4 of the 2020-21 school year.