• Saturday Academy

    Saturday Academy is returning for the 22-23 school year. Saturday Academy is in place to meet multiple student needs including academic/study skill support, providing a location for students who need an environment that promotes focus outside of school hours, discipline assigned by administration and to recover time from unexcused absences. Saturday Academy is open from 9:00-Noon. We ask that you encourage students to attend. During conferences and communication with parents (particularly of struggling learners) we ask that you include an invitation for students as well. Honor Societies may coordinate with Coach Wilson regarding student interest in peer tutoring to go towards hours. Students do not have stay the full 3 hours but will be expected to be engaged in schoolwork or they will be asked to leave.
    NOTE the ACT review weekend March 4, there is a required registration to be guaranteed participation in the review. 
    Quarter 3
    Feb. 25
    March 4-ACT review weekend, link to register is here. Registration closes March 1st. 
    March 11
    March 18
    March 25
    Quarter 4
    April 15
    April 29
    May 6
    May 13
    May 20-EOC review
    June 3-EOC review