Frequently asked questions to inform you on common transportation procedures.
    Visit www.wcpss.net/parents/transportation for detailed information.  
    Parent Contact for Transportation: 919 805-3030 

    Can students ride an alternate bus home other than their assigned bus?
    No. Assigned buses are based on your address. The transportation office will post current bus stops and routes on line (August 18th). Please note that requests to ride an alternate bus home (ex: to a friend’s residence) cannot be granted.

    What time should I have my child at the bus stop?
    Students should be ready and waiting for the bus at least 10 minutes before the bus is expected to arrive. Parents can anticipate a stop time based on the route start time, estimating three minutes between stops. During the first weeks of school, exact times will slightly fluctuate.

    How can parents contact transportation?
    Parents can fill out our online form:www.wcpss.net/bus-support. This form can be utilized to report bus delays, route questions, lost items and general inquiries.

    How can I change my child’s bus stop?

    Parent or guardians who are seeking a change to the location of the bus stop can make that request electronically on line at www.wcpss.net/transportation.
    My child is a Transfer Student, how do I add a stop?
    A stop must be an existing stop with safe walk and room on bus.
    How do I keep track of my child's bus each day?
    We have Live bus updates to keep parents informed if there child's bus is late. You can access this by going to WCPSS transportation and click on Wakefield High OR click Live Updates on the Right side of this page. This will give you how minutes the bus is behind. 

    How are stops and routes established?

    • Bus stops are placed no closer than two-tenths (.2) of a mile apart, unless safety hazards exist. 
    • In the interests of safety and efficiency, buses will in general be routed on main thoroughfares. 
    • Buses are generally prohibited from traveling into cul-de-sacs. 
    • To the extent possible, bus stops are placed on corners.

    The presence of factors that may endanger the safety of students will be considered when the location of a stop is designated (Refer to R&P 7125).

    You can find live bus updates by visiting www.wcpss.net/transportation on the WCPSS website so that you are aware if a bus is late, using a substitute driver or experiencing any incident that would result in an modification in service.

    At Wakefield High School, student safety is our top priority. It is important that students adhere to all rules and regulations while being transported on a school bus. School transportation is a privilege not a right. While on the bus, students must follow school rules as well as the directions of the bus operator.

    The following conduct is prohibited:

    • Delaying the bus schedule
    • Fighting, smoking, using profanity, or refusing to obey the driver’s instructions
    • Tampering with or willfully damaging the school vehicle
    • Possessing or using unauthorized drugs or intoxicating beverages
    • Getting off at unauthorized stops
    • Distracting the driver’s attention by participating in disruptive behavior (talking loudly, yelling, throwing items, etc.) while the vehicle is in operation
    • Failing to observe established safety rules and regulations
    • Willfully trespassing on a school bus
    • Throwing objects out of the bus window
    • Students are not permitted to ride a bus for any reason on which they are not assigned. School Board Policy 7105 specifically states, “Students will be transported to and from only one address, which is the address submitted when the student is registered.”

    The Transportation Department and Wakefield High School have the right to add additional rules or requirements as deemed necessary for the safety of all students. School administrators will handle disciplinary problems reported by the driver.

    Students who violate any of the above rules may be removed from the bus and/or receive additional school-based consequences. Furthermore, repeat or serious violations of the transportation rules may result in a short-term suspension as well as a permanent removal from the bus for the remainder of the school year.

    If you need further information regarding transportation at our school, you may reach:

    Dr. Travis W. Duncan (twduncan@wcpss.net) (919-398-3508)