• Per WCPSS policy, students in Grade 12 may be exempt from exams based on the following criteria:

    • Students must have a projected final grade of B or higher AND
    • Students must have 10 or fewer absences (excused or unexcused) in the course.
    • Students cannot be exempt from state testing including field testing.

    The principal (consistent with GS 115C-288) has final authority to determine a student's exemption status.

    To provide some clarification to the guidelines above:

    • Absences will all count equally when considering eligibility for exam exemptions.  College visitations will count as part of the 10 days.    

    • Principals may waive absences beyond the 10 absences for documented absences that are outside of the student's control (ex - medical or transportation).

    • All absences must be communicated to the attendance office via email or note. Attendance email: