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Principal's Message for 9/4/23



Happy Labor Day!

After a very busy, very successful first week of school, it’s nice to have a three-day weekend to relax and refresh.  My hope is that all of our Stallion families are finding some time to enjoy the Labor Day Holiday weekend!


Weekly Principal’s Message

For our new families, on Sunday afternoon around 5:00 pm, you can expect to  receive your weekly Principal’s message via email or text ( link).  This message is also posted on our website under the “our school” tab.  (


Updates for the Week of September 4th- 8th

  • Monday, September 4- LABOR DAY HOLIDAY- No school for students or staff!


Shout Outs!  Thank you!

  • September 4th- 8th is Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week!  We want to say “THANK YOU!” to Mr. Kelly Ryan, our building substitute teacher, and all of the substitutes that accept our daily jobs here at Stough Elementary.  We could not do this work without you!  We are grateful for you!  Thank you!  

  • A BIG shout out to Ms. Sunny and our Mandarin students who created the new signs you see hanging around our building.  The cafeteria, library, restrooms, and even my office are now labeled in English, pinyin, and Chinese symbols.  Thank you, Ms. Sunny!


New WCPSS security process

  • Thank you to all of our families who demonstrated patience and flexibility last week as we all learned more about the new WCPSS security system/process at our front doors.  The safety of our students, staff, and the community will always be our number one priority, so please continue to work with us on this.

  • REMINDER- You must have your ID to check your students in/out of the building, to volunteer in the building, or to visit the building.  If you have a phone, you will want to bring this to the front doors as well, as there is a QR code for you to scan prior to being granted entrance to the building.

  • REMINDER- Please be kind to our front office staff when you get frustrated with this system.  They are doing their best to work with you, and to support you with this process that is required in all WCPSS schools.  


Safety Reminders

  • During our first week of school, I observed a few things that concern me.  I am asking for your support with compliance to safety expectations and with spreading the word to others in our community.  Thank you!

    • REMINDER- Children in the AM carpool line are NOT to exit their cars prior to 8:45 am.  I am seeing a few children standing at the doors prior to 8:45 am, and we do not have staff on duty until 8:45 am.  Thank you!

    • REMINDER- Please pay close attention to your surroundings when you are in the PM carpool line.  I am seeing people driving too fast, texting while driving, and hitting curbs in the lane.  We have over 188 cars going through the carpool line this year, so it will take time.  Please, pay attention!!  Thank you!

    • I am observing a larger number of families walking and playing with dogs on our outside campus after school hours.  My concern is that we do have YMCA care on campus until 6:00pm, and sometimes the dogs are not on a leash.  My other concern is that there is dog waste left in our grass and turf areas where our children play.  I am asking for your help in getting the word out… Please encourage families with dogs to walk down the road at the park, or in any of the other grass areas that are NOT our elementary school campus.  Thank you!


Stough PTA

  • First, if you have not yet joined our Stough Elementary PTA, please do so.  You can join here- (

  • This year our PTA started a new initiative, recruiting room parents for each classroom teacher.  The purpose of a room parent is to support the teacher with classroom celebrations, special events, and other needs that may be specific to the classroom.  This initiative will help to ensure that our practices here at Stough are equitable and that all teachers and classrooms have the support they need.  If you are interested in being a room parent in your child’s classroom, please contact our PTA (

  • Looking for a way to further immerse your students and family in Chinese culture? Consider attending the 8th Annual Asia Fest with Dragon Boat Racing at Koka Booth Amphitheater on Saturday, September 16th from 10am - 5pm.  Explore the nearly 100 exhibits and activities such as cultural displays, exciting games, health screenings, unique performances, and of course, the signature dragon boat race. The festival also features a wide variety of delicious foods and delicacies from across the world. You can even sample unique street foods prepared by local chefs.  


Handbooks and Other Information (reposted for families who joined us this week)

  • The WCPSS has created a parent/student handbook to communicate expectations and guidelines as well as share information about the district.  You can access this handbook at  Students will also receive a hard copy of this handbook on their first day of school.  Families are expected to review the handbook, complete and sign the handbook form, and return the form to your child’s homeroom teacher.  

  • We have been working hard over the summer to put together our Stough Elementary School Family Handbook.  The purpose of this handbook is to identify and clarify expectations and processes that are specific to our school community.  This handbook will be updated as needed, and all updates will be communicated to families via the Principal’s Weekly message.  This handbook should align with the WCPSS handbook.  If you find anything that does not align, please bring it to my attention so corrections can be made.  Stough Family Handbook

    • Important things to mention (from the handbook)

  1. Before and After School drop off/pick up locations.  For safety reasons, we are changing the location of pick up/drop off for students this year.  For families using before school care, please park in the bus loop and walk your child in through the bus loop doors and sign him/her into the program.  For families using after school care, the same bus loop doors will be used.

  2. We have made some changes to our expectations around Birthday Celebrations.  You must communicate with your child’s teacher as he/she must approve ALL celebrations in the classroom!

  • To protect the instructional time of the school day, all celebrations will occur during recess or other non-instructional times.  In an effort to limit the number of unhealthy snacks and treats being consumed by our students, we are asking families to consider a healthier alternative.

  • Consider purchasing a book for the classroom.  Label the inside of the book, “Donated to (teacher’s name) class in honor of (your students name) birthday.”  You can send in the wrapped book for your child to open in the classroom.  The teacher will read the book to the class in celebration of your child’s birthday.

  • Consider sending mini bubbles.  Your child’s class will be given a few minutes to go outside and celebrate with their classmates by blowing bubbles.

  • Consider purchasing a game for the classroom.  Label the box  “Donated to (teacher’s name) class in honor of (your students name) birthday.”  Your child’s teacher will make time for the class to play the game in celebration of your child’s birthday.

  • Consider sending a birthday treat that is not loaded with sugar (pretzels, Goldfish crackers, etc.)

  • If you are sending food items, please be reminded that they must be commercially made and sealed in the original packaging.

  • You will need to check with the teacher to see if there are any “allergies” in the classroom.  We ask that you bring a treat that all students can enjoy. 

  1. Carpool tags- We are asking all families to sign up for a new carpool tag this year.  Tags used in previous years should be discarded.  Our staff will need to see a new carpool tag in order to release your child.  New carpool tags can be picked up at the front office or during Kindergarten Meet the Teacher for our kindergarten families.

  2. Early Dismissal- Please note that we do not allow early dismissals after 3:15pm.  This is the time when the front office gets very busy due to preparations for dismissal.  Please honor our work during this time by scheduling early dismissals prior to 3:15pm.  

  3. Personal items- Please be reminded to tag and/or label all personal items with your child’s name.  We collect a large number of items in our Lost and Found, items that we would like to return to your child/family.  Please help us by labeling your child’s items.

  4. Transportation changes- Please note that ALL changes in transportation MUST be made before 3:15pm.  If you need to make a change to your child’s transportation you must call the front office at (919) 881-4950.  We will notify the teacher and your child.  We will not take your child’s word.  We must have communication from the parent in order to make the change.


Before and After School Care Options

  • Stough Elementary Before School Care- Stough Elementary School hosts a before school program that is facilitated by our Stough Elementary Staff.  Please contact Ms. Leonette Adkins ( if you have any questions or would like to be added to the waitlist for this program.  When this program is full, Ms. Adkins will refer you to Wake Harvest as a morning care option.

  • Alexander Family YMCA After School Care- The YMCA after school care program is located on the Stough Elementary school campus.  This year the YMCA has hired some of our Stough staff members to work in collaboration with YMCA counselors in effort to provide a program that best meets the needs of our Stough community.  Please contact Samantha Perry ( or the Alexander Family YMCA at (919) 832-9622 to learn more about this program.

  • Wake Harvest is also an option for those looking for before/after school care.  Wake Harvest does provide transportation from Stough Elementary school to/from their program location.  Please contact Wake Harvest for more information.                                         (919) 561- 9740

  • Kicks- Raleigh Tae Kwon Do is also an option for after school care.  Kicks does provide transportation from Stough Elementary School to their program location.  Please contact Kicks at (919) 435-4258 for more information.


Programs who rent our space

  • Mad Science- Explore the Magical World of Chemistry.  Mad Science is an 8-week after school program for kids in Grades 1-5.  Register online at Triangle.MadScience.Org.  Classes meet on Wednesdays from 4:00pm- 5:30pm.

  • Kidz Art-  Kidz Art after school art classes are open to all students K-5.  Classes are on Thursday from 4:00pm-5:00pm beginning on September 14th.  Please use the following link to register for this program:  Please contact cjiang@kidzart or (919) 710-4403  for pricing and additional information.  


Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Jodi Lay 

Principal, Stough Magnet Elementary School