• Immersion Selection After Kindgarten

    Any student may be selected for Stough's immersion program in Kindergarten using the magnet selection priorities. Students selected will have the opportunity to continue in the immersion program through Oberlin Middle and Broughton High.

    Students interested in applying for the program in grades 1-5 may follow one of the pathways below:

    Apply during the magnet application period

    1. Students rising into grades 1-5 may apply and be selected according to magnet selection priorities.
    2. Selected students will be assessed at the school. The school will provide the Office of Magnet & Curriculum Enhancement Programs (OMCE) with the results of the assessment. Eligible students will remain assigned to the school. OMCE will work with Student Assignment to assign students who are not eligible for the program back to their previous school.

    Request a transfer during the final transfer period (for students new to WCPSS since the magnet application period)

    1. Student will submit a transfer request at transfers.wcpss.net/apply.
    2. If a seat is available, the student will be assessed and the results will be provided to the Office of Magnet & Curriculum Enhancement Programs (OMCE).
    3. OMCE will work with the Office of Student Assignment (OoSA) to assign eligible students to the immersion school based on seat availability in the immersion classroom and magnet selection priorities.

    The assessment will be conducted by a Chinese immersion program teacher to assess the student’s language proficiency in Mandarin, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Based on results of the assessment and seat availability, a student may be assigned to Stough Mandarin Immersion Elementary.