• Important:  Bus routes are subject to change based on actual student distribution and other factors.  

    2019-2020 Buses:  This year we will have four buses.  Each bus will be referred to by the route number and will have an accompanying color: 

    • Route 1 - Red
    • Route 2 - Orange
    • Route 3 - Yellow
    • Route 4 - Green

    Stop Times:  Parents can anticipate a stop time based on the route start time and estimating approximately 3 minutes between stops. Please be patient during the first few weeks of school and plan to arrive early at your child's assigned stop. 

    Bus Dismissal: We will tweet the departure time of each bus daily.  Follow us on Twitter at @Stoughbuses.  Parents are also encouraged to use the Here Comes the Bus App for information about bus location.  


    Here are the Stough Bus Routes for 2019-20