• The purpose of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is to create a positive school climate and develop more effective strategies for working with challenging behavior. This is achieved through school-wide behavior support planning, professional development on best behavioral practices, supporting teachers to master strategies, and developing systems of intervention for small groups of students and for specific students.

    PBIS is a nationally recognized research-based best practice designated by the Office of Special Education Programs as one of the “Ideas that Work.” Schools that implement PBIS with fidelity over time demonstrate the following outcomes:

    • Improved school climate
    • Reductions in office discipline referrals and in-school and out of school suspensions
    • Increased parent and community satisfaction
    • Improved systems for responding to students in need of additional support with social behavior

    PBIS Vision

    All Wake County Public Schools will implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports with fidelity to create a positive school climate with empowered stakeholders and equitable outcomes for all students.

    PBIS Mission

    Build capacity, relationships, and knowledge through:

    • Coaching, consulting, and communicating with school-based teams
    • Professional development
    • Observing in classrooms and school area(s) and providing feedback
    • Data collection
    • Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS)
    • Coordination and alignment with district, regional, state, and national efforts
  • LEAD