• Volunteers:
    All volunteers must be cleared through Wake County’s volunteer registration. If you plan to participate in an: 
    • Activity that may require direct contact with students on or off campus with no or limited supervision
    • Activity that may require access to confidential information
    • Activity that potentially involves solitary time with students
    • Activity that may take place outside the view of school staff for brief or extended periods
    EXAMPLES: overnight field trips, tutoring inside or outside the classroom, field trip chaperone, dance chaperone, club sponsor, volunteer coach, clerical work for teacher, telephone volunteer, media center volunteer, beautification volunteer, classroom assistant, field day volunteer, test proctor, front office helper, room parent

    How to register: Visit the WCPSS Volunteer website: https://www.wcpss.net/domain/42

    Guests: Visitors who are never left alone with students are considered guests. They do not need background checks. Typical examples would include speakers, presenters and community members attending a school event.

    Volunteers: Visitors who are alone with students at any point do require background checks. There are no "levels" of volunteer status. You are either a volunteer who could be alone with students or you aren't. Typical examples range from a community volunteer who reads with a child to an overnight chaperone. The same background check is done for every type of volunteer.

    Guest Speakers:
    Do NOT have to go through the volunteer registration IF they will be presenting in a classroom setting (they will not be working with small groups independently from teacher). There is a guest speaker prior approval form that must be completed and approved by the principal.
    Any parent or community member who wishes to volunteer at Stough Elementary (or any WCPSS school) must follow WCPSS policies and procedures.