If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
    • DISTRICT REMOTE LEARNING GUIDANCE- At this time, Stough students are to keep accessing supplementary learning (review and practice activities) as they are able to do so.  (Here's the Remote Learning Website from the district, if you need it.)  These are not assignments, and there will be no grades.  
    • STOUGH REMOTE LEARNING RESOURCES- Continuous remote learning begins Monday, March 13th.  Teachers will be in touch with families regarding schedules based on grade level, traditional course of study, and Mandarin Immersion.  There will be mostly asynchronous learning with teacher office hours to support individual students along the way. To access Stough Remote Learning Resources, follow the directions below.
      • Log in to your WakeID portal and click on Canvas. 
      • Look for the "Stough Media Center" course at the top and click "Accept."
      • The first document you will see is "Stough Remote Learning Document," which is organized by grade level and has resources for P2, Specials classes, English and Chinese.  We will continue to update this document as the District Remote Learning plan unfolds. 
    • Mrs. Galvan prepared a helpful one-page document, "What our Parents Need to Know About Technology."  It includes guidance on Wake ID, Google and the link to the Wake County technology help desk.


    • DAILY ROUTINE- If your family is able to build a daily routine to help normalize these weekdays, please consider doing so. A sample daily schedule from the district is below.   

    Sample Family Schedule Structure  

    **Please note that ELA/Math, Science/Social Studies, and Art/PE/Music/Choice/Journaling times will not be live, online meeting times. Students will be given work via their teacher's Google Classroom.

    • P2 CHARACTER TRAIT OF THE WEEK- The last theme of focus for the Positivity Project is "Be Present."  It seems being present is more challenging than ever. A deliberate focus on being present is so important in today's society due to the increasing number of distractions vying for our time and attention. Phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media notifications all have the formidable capacity to pull us away from the present moment and what’s most important – our relationships with other people.

      The example provided by P2 this week can be summarized in this two-minute clip from Dr. Sherry Turkle. Dr. Turkle is a professor at MIT and the founding director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self. She is the author of multiple books about our relationship with technology.  Most recently, she wrote Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. In this important book, she describes how we’ve become addicted to our technology. And, she reveals why in-person conversation is critical in developing our capacity for focus, empathy, and meaningful relationships.

    INSTRUCTIONAL PACKETS - Wake County Schools has provided this document with links to grade level instructional packets.  This is an option for families in case access to technology during remote learning has been a challenge.  We are also in the process of mailing printouts of some of these to specfic students.  If interested, please contact your child's teacher.

    TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT - The District has a platform to support students and families with technology support.  Use this form, and then someone from the Help Desk will call you via phone.  You can also call them directly at 919-694-8100. 

    As a staff, we have also benefitted from this WCPSS document on best practices for online meetings.