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Principal's Message, 3-19-21

Dear Stough Families,

It feels important to start off the weekly message with a reminder of who we are as a school community.  In our little niche in Wake County, we represent students, staff and families from a beautiful diaspora of backgrounds and journeys from around the world.  Yet again this week, our nation is facing more wounds on the topic of race, specifically regarding our AAPI population (Asian American and Pacific Islander).  As a global school, with the only Chinese Immersion program in our District, this hits close to home.


As I wrote you last June, one of our belief statements as a school states that we will "celebrate our differences."  This is a statement that we will continue to deliberately uphold as we educate your students daily on keeping a mindset of "Other People Matter."  Other people matter because of who they are as individuals and not because of any label placed on them by a government, people group, or another person. 


I was encouraged to hear from our Chinese teachers this week about the love and support they feel within the Stough Community.  They send their thanks and appreciation to all of you who have sent kind words. We also had some open communication about their perspectives on race.  One shared, "This is not a political issue.  It's a humanity issue.  At the end of the day, we just want to build a loving community.  We are here to build hope for our younger generations; to spread love, and not hate."


I couldn't have said it better.  Racism does not stand in our Stough community, so we will stand together to ensure that "celebrating our differences" remains the norm.



Here are the weekly updates:



1.  Next week is a four-day week for live instruction (in-person and VA).  Wednesday, March 24 is an asynchronous day of learning.  This is also the final week of the third quarter.



2.  Next week, the staff will be participating in a Stough Spirit Week!  We welcome students participating as well!  Here's how:


Daily themes: 

  • Superhero Monday (honor all the real-life heroes out there helping others)
  • Self-care Tuesday (wear pajamas or comfy clothes to school)
  • Wellness Wednesday (wear something related to one of your hobbies)
  • Thankful Thursday (hats off to others - hat day)
  • Stough Spirit Friday (See PTA Updates for how you can buy spirit wear in carpool next week)



3.  Starting Monday, Dreambox is hosting a Spring Math Challenge from March 22nd-May 2nd. Any student who completes 5 or more lessons each week during this time period will be entered into a drawing for prizes, classes will be entered to win a grand prize, and teachers can win a $100 gift card! Here are the details:



4.  Our staff sends a heart-felt thanks to the PTA and the Staff Fan Club.  This past week of Staff Appreciation events was such a blessing to all of us. THANK YOU!


Here are the PTA Updates for this week:


Staff Appreciation Week

Thank you to the volunteers and everyone who participated in showing the Stough Staff how much we appreciate them!


Magnets and Stough Shirts - March 25

On Thursday, the PTA will sell magnets ($5) and shirts ($10) during afternoon carpool, weather permitting. Sales will be cash only and you must stay in your car. Please note, quantities and sizes are very limited. Selling merchandise has been a challenge this past year and we look forward to offering a greater selection in the future.  

*If you are waiting on merchandise from a PTA Membership purchase, that will also be available for pick-up.*


Lowes Food

If you shop at Lowes Food, please link your account to give back to Stough PTA.


Papa Murphy’s Fundraiser: March 31

Papa Murphy’s on Oberlin Road is donating 25% of sales from 1:00-8:00pm back to the Stough PTA. Commit to Eat at Stough Elementary PTA's GroupRaise Meal @ Papa Murphy's


Tea Collection Fundraiser

The Tea Collection Fundraiser ends March 23. Use the promo code SDS21STOUGH and Stough will earn 15% back from your order. You will also receive a 15% discount!


Spring Auction

If you own or work for a business that might be interested in making a donation to our spring auction, please contact



Have a great weekend,

Chris Cox, Principal