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Principal's Message, 3-11-21

Greetings Stough Families,

Yes, the weekly message arrives to you on a Thursday (tomorrow is a Teacher Workday).


1.  Next week is a five-day week of school:


All Stough students who are not in the Virtual Academy will attend school Monday-Friday.


(Fourth and Fifth grade cohort rotations have ended, and these students will attend daily unless they are enrolled in the VA.  Here's the link with details from earlier this week.)



2.  In P2 this week, we studied social intelligence. Next week, we'll begin learning about love of learning. For a 1-page character card overview, click here. And, for P2 for Families (password: P2), click here.

Love of learning means that you master new skills and topics on your own or in school. Those with a love of learning are intrinsically motivated and engaged in a topic regardless of achieving an external standard. They enjoy learning simply for the sake of learning. They don’t need a prize or a high grade as a reward. Their reward is the process of doing the work and improving.


People who love learning experience positive feelings in the process of acquiring skills, building on existing knowledge, or learning something completely new. Over time, individuals with this strength may develop deep and wide knowledge. Their knowledge enables them to make significant contributions to others’ understanding.



3.  Wake County Schools is offering free wellness workshops for families.  Here's the link with details.



4.  5th Grade Mural Project: Our 5th grade classes will be working with Anna Podris and Keith Norval to create a huge mural in Stough's main hallway. Virtual Academy students will need to pick up their supplies for the project on March 12th, 15th, or 16th during school hours under the Media Center overhang (where you pick up your library books). 5th grade VA students will need these supplies to participate in this project and make their mark on Stough's new building! Please contact Ms. Shumake ( if you have any questions.

Thanks to our incredible Stough PTA for providing supplies and thanks to the United Arts Council for funding the artists' work through a school project grant! 
5.  The deadline for Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) testing nominations is approaching!   Parents may nominate their child to skip a grade level of content in either English Language Arts or Mathematics using this link Nominations must be received by 3:00 pm March 22.  No late nominations will be accepted.  Testing will be April 7-28.  Please email Mrs. Cecconi-Roberts at for more information.
6.  Third, fourth and fifth graders are asked to return EL books from earlier in the school year.  There is a box at the end of our carpool lane.  If your student rides the bus, he or she can return those to a staff member in the bus lot.  Please help us find these books!  Here are the lists:



7.  Here are the PTA Updates:


Staff Appreciation Week: March 15-19

As you may have read in last week’s Principal’s weekly message, the PTA is going to have our Staff Appreciation Week the week of March 15th - 19th this year. Please mark your calendars and join us next week in reminding all of our amazing staff members how much they mean to us, especially during this challenging year! 

Here are some suggestions of ways the students can get involved and easily show the teachers and staff their appreciation: 

- Write your teacher a note about your favorite memory from this year 

- Make a card, send a poem or draw a picture 

- Give all your teachers/Stough staff a compliment when you see them 

- Send a video or write a letter telling what you like most about them and/or the class - Wear your teacher’s favorite color 

- Spring Break is almost here! Give your teacher and/or a staff member a flower - real, crafted, or drawn 

The above can also be done virtually, so students who are learning virtually next week will be able to participate as well! 

These ideas are all optional suggestions of ways to participate in Appreciation Week. If you have other ideas or would like to show your appreciation to our teachers and staff in different ways, please feel free!

GiftCrowd Contributions for Staff

Stough PTA invites you to use GiftCrowd to celebrate Staff Appreciation Week! It is easy, virtual and we know they'll appreciate your generosity! Please also consider contributing beyond your child's primary teacher. This year has proven how vital every staff member is to a successful school day. To see the lists of staff groups, please visit the PTA website: 


1. Click on the link below to launch our GiftCrowd page.

2. Scroll down to find your teacher's name and click Join.

3. Complete the form to add your contribution.


Spring Shopping Fundraisers

Time for new spring clothes? Stough has an ongoing fundraiser with Primary that is available anytime by shopping:

 Also, shop Tea Collection from 3/15-3/23 with the promo code SDS21STOUGH and Stough will earn 15% back from your order. You will also receive a 15% discount!


Papa Murphy’s Fundraiser: March 31

Papa Murphy’s on Oberlin Road is donating 25% of sales from 1:00-8:00pm back to the Stough PTA.

Commit to Eat at Stough Elementary PTA's GroupRaise Meal @ Papa Murphy's


Spring Auction

The Spring Auction is back! We are looking for donations such as gift cards, vacation rental homes and more. If you would like to join the committee or have an item to donate, please email   

5th Grade Graduation

The PTA is looking for volunteers interested in helping organize this year’s 5th Grade Graduation celebration. Please contact if you’d like to help.

Stock the Teachers’ Lounge

The PTA created a registry to help keep staff lounges stocked with snacks and treats. Let's keep showing our appreciation for all the hard work the teachers and school staff are doing during this challenging year!

Mandarin Immersion Parent Support 

We would like to match current Mandarin Immersion families with 20-21 and 21-22 Kindergarten families in order to mentor/support them. Please fill out the Google Form if you are interested in being matched with a family.


Vision Martial Arts Fundraiser

One of our Stough families is offering an amazing deal for new students at Vision Martial Arts. For $69, you can sign up for 6 weeks of classes (virtual or in person) and receive a uniform. $65 of your enrollment cost will go right back to the PTA! This is a great way to try out a new skill and get moving! Click the form to sign up!

I learned last weekend that more than four people read the weekly message!  Thanks for all the entertaining emails - I truly enjoy our Stough families.
Have a great three-day weekend,
Chris Cox, Principal