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     This year's Art Club will take part in activities that go beyond normal art curriculum plus take part in many other extracurricular activities. 
  • GAME CLUB: In the Stough game club students will play a variety of board games. The emphasis will be on students learning to work cooperatively and build teamwork skills. 
    Game Club

Yearbook Club

  • The yearbook club members will help design and create the 2017-2018 yearbook. 
    Yearbook Club  
  • Join the Diverse Dancer's Club if you have a passion for dancing to dance moves and music from all over the world. 
    Dance Club
  • Changchang tiaotiao:  In mandarin that means singing and dancing.  Come join our global experience.
    I love Mandarin  
  • CHORUS: Students who are in grades 3 and 5 that love to sing and perform are encouraged to audition for chorus.
  • Running Club
    RUNNING CLUB:  This Club is Full!
     Students, come join Mr. Hooker on the track each week for Stough's Running Club. 
  • STUDENT COUNCIL: Stough's student council is a group of leaders in grades 3-5 who work to make our school and community better by being good role models, building school springs, working across grade levels to make decisions, and participate in community service projects. 
    Student Council