• Class of 2025, it’s now time to register for your senior portraits!


    We recently partnered with Cady to do our school photography to offer more than the typical senior portraits. However, I know there are questions, so here is a breakdown of the process/your options. 


    Here are some FAQs answered by Cady as well.


    Session & Options

    There are THREE ways to take your senior portraits, TWO of which require you to register for a session and pay a sitting fee. Here are those options:

    1. Cady Studio Session - at their studio in Raleigh

      1. Register for a session and choose your picture package/experience; sitting fee required.

      2. Students will choose a date and time that works best for them/ their family between now and December 6 to have their picture taken at the Cady studio in Raleigh. This option offers the most flexibility and photo packages/experiences.

      3. Included with every package is the formal portrait as it’s the yearbook pose. I believe most also include cap & gown; if you don’t do cap & gown now, there’s a separate session and sitting fee in the spring. 

      4. Here’s info on what to bring to your sessions.

    2. Senior Roadshow at school - AUGUST 6 & 15

      1. You still need to register for this option! The dates should be listed once you select “Green Level” as your school.

      2. This session does require a sitting fee, but you do not have photo package options. If you register for either of these dates, you get:

        1. Formal portrait (yearbook pose), cap & gown, and a casual pose.

        2. Students can wear what they want for the casual pose; here’s info on what to bring to your sessions.

    3. Yearbook Only (at school) - November 13/14

      1. There is no sitting fee required for this session; you also can’t register for it. 

      2. This date is an opportunity for any senior who has NOT taken the formal portrait/yearbook picture and who hasn’t registered for a session.

      3. At this session, students will ONLY have a formal portrait taken, as this session is about making sure I have their pictures for the yearbook. I will create a schedule of these students and share that closer to the date.

      4. You will have the opportunity to purchase these pictures but know they will be digital prints ONLY and there will only be 3–4 poses (sessions are about 5 minutes).

      5. This document provides info on what to wear for the formal portrait.


    I hope this answers most of your questions! If you have other questions, you can email me, Ms. Weeks, at eweeks@wcpss.net