Academic Support Resources

  • Please visit our Academic Support Site for resources and tools that can help when you need it!

    You will find resources for:

     - Organization, Time Management, and Study Skills

     - Your Courses

     - ACT and College Board Assessments

    You will also find information to guide you through the steps you can take with your family if you're feeling really stuck. For Families


    Need Additional Support?

    STEP 1: Reach out to your teachers, as they are the experts in their classroom and can provide course-specific guidance and support services. Staff Directory

    STEP 2: If, after working closely with your teachers, you need additional support, reach out to your counselor and administrative team. Student Services

    STEP 3: Request a student, teacher, parent conference! We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and what supports have and/or have not worked. Together, we will develop a plan that makes sense for you.