Gator Time

  • Gator Time consists of Advisory and Connectivity. The purpose of Gator Time is to support the holistic health and well-being of our students.



    Here at Green Level, a small group of students meets with their staff advisor every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for twenty minutes. Throughout the year, advisory classes will focus primarily on building relationships. Additional topics may include:

    • CliftonStrengths
    • Academic Progress
    • Connectivity Choices



    Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, students have the opportunity to engage in Connectivity sessions by using the AllTimely App (see instructions below). Topics were generated based on Student Needs Assessment results and have been tailored for each grade level. If you missed a session, use the links below to access recordings on YouTube live or materials used in presentations that were live through Google Meet and unable to be recorded.


    AllTimely App 

    Students must register for Connectivity sessions using the AllTimely App. Here's how to register:

    1. Go to (use a web browser for full functionality).
    2. Enter your username and password and click SIGN IN (username and password was sent to your student email on Friday, September 11 from Ms. Fegeley).
    3. When you first log into AllTimely, you will be prompted to change your password. Please make it a password that you will remember and store it in a safe place.
    4. Select “My Calendar” and click the appropriate Tuesday or Thursday.
    5. Use the drop-down box to scroll through all of the sessions.
    6. Make your selection, press OK, and verify it by looking at your calendar.

    Check the AllTimely App and your WCPSS email the day of the event for session links.

    For video instructions, click here:

    Once registered for your session, find the link to join our presentation using these simple steps:

    1. From the homepage of the AllTimely App, click "Today."
    2. A box will pop up with your selected activity.
    3. Below the activity title, you will see the link to join the session. 
    4. Click the link to join on the appropriate date and time (12:00pm or 1:00pm).