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2024-25 Club Guide & Directory

  • Changes to the Club Process this year:

    • Student Government will play a major role in ensuring clubs are meeting expectations.
    • Clubs will no longer need to seek advisors ahead of applying. New clubs will be assigned advisors if they need one.
    • Clubs may now gain "Legacy Status"
      • Existed continuously since 2021 - 2022 school year.
      • Meet all expectations for activities, meeting regularly, and live up to the core values of GLHS.
      • Approval from their advisor(s).

  • We want to empower students to take leadership roles in the classroom, school, and their community. To create an environment where students are leaders, we encourage students to start their own club at GLHS.

    We are changing the way we approve clubs this year. All clubs will be broken up into one of three categories:

    • Category I - Honor Societies, CTSOs, Round Table, Science Olympiad - These are clubs and organizations which have a national charter, serve a special purpose, or have been created by Green Level High School leadership. Students are not permitted to propose these organizations. Existing organizations do not need to re-apply for approval.
    • Category II - Chartered Clubs & Organizations - These are clubs that intend to serve their community or engage in other meaningful work. Chartered Clubs can do the following
      • Host fundraisers and service projects (with Administration approval)
      • Engage in off campus field trips (with Administration approval and outside of school hours)
      • Must have elected officers/leadership (President/Vice-President)
      • Required to attend a quarterly meeting of the new Club Council.
      • Must submit a "plan of work" which explains the work your organization will engage in over the course of the next year.
      • Approval window once a year (in the Spring)
    • Category III - Informal Clubs - These are clubs for groups of students who share a common interest or hobby. These tend to be more fun activities and these clubs do not plan to engage in service projects or other major programs. These clubs:
      • Are not permitted to fundraise or engage in service projects
      • Cannot recieve approval for off-campus field trips
      • Approval window once a quarter.
  • Step 1 - Planning

  • Step 2 - The Application Process

  • Step 3 - Post-Approval

  • Step 4 - Club By-Laws

  • The 2024 - 2025 Application Window will open on April 3rd!

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