Student Parking

  • Green Level High School follows the WCPSS guidelines for student parking, as outlined here.

    Click here to access the 2020-21 Student Parking Application. 

    Questions should be directed to Mr. McDougall at

    General Rules:

    • Parking spaces may NOT be shared, transferred, and/or sold to other students. The only exception is for siblings. If siblings share a spot, each sibling must be registered as a driver.
    • Only registered vehicles may be parked in assigned spaces (no more than 2 vehicles registered to each space). If there are changes, be sure to report to the Main Office immediately to avoid tickets and fines.
    • GLHS parking hangtags must be displayed from the rear-view mirror with hangtag information facing out.
    • Fines must be paid within 3 days (or face additional fines and other consequences).


    Safety Rules:

    • Seatbelts must be worn properly by all vehicle occupants.
    • Driving speeds should not exceed 10 mph in parking lots.
    • The Student Code of Conduct applies to all vehicles, student drivers, passengers, and contents while on school grounds.
    • Student vehicles are subject to search and seizure per WCPSS Board Policy.
    • Vehicles must be parked within the lines.


    Handicap-Accessible Parking:

    • To use a handicap-accessible parking space, the student must have a valid disability placard from the NCDMV and a GLHS parking pass.
    • Normal expectations, parking rules, and consequences apply.
    • Please visit the Student Services department if a handicap-accessible parking space is needed.


    Important - If an Accident Occurs:

    • If you are involved in an accident (major or minor), you need to report it.
    • When an accident occurs on campus, 1) stop your vehicle and get out, 2) move to a safe area, 3) call the Main Office and ask for our Security Resource Officer, 4) contact your parent/guardian, and 5) check on others involved.
    • Everyone involved must stay at the scene of the accident.
    • Failing to report incidents on campus may also result in temporary or permanent suspension of parking privileges, along with other consequences.