Fundraisers and Service Projects

  • We have over 120 student organizations at Green Level. In order to allow each club an opportunity to participate and to ensure there is minimal overlap between drives, we are limiting each club to one fundraiser or school wide service project for the school year. (Groups may participate in any number of off-campus projects)

    In order to achieve maximum impact, we have created a calendar of when projects can take place. In order to accommodate all clubs and organizations, we are limiting each event to one week. The calendar can be found here.

    According to WCPSS School Board Policy 6820.D, clubs are not permitted to engage in fundraising for their own benefit. Clubs are permitted to raise funds for charity, however they cannot collect money to use on their own. If a club needs to pay a fee for participation in an event or for membership dues, they may collect those funds from their group members (this is not considered fundraising).

    All fundraisers and service projects must be approved by administration. Please complete the Service Project/Fundraiser Solicitation Form and submit them to Ms. Stein in the front office. We can not reserve dates until applications have been approved. All Service Projects need to be sponsored by a GLHS club.

    If you have any questions please reach out the Mr. Viens (