• Please complete the following form, Course Correction Form for Spring 2022-2023 to request consideration for a course correction in your second semester schedule. Below are the reasons to request considerations. Additionally, please pay close attention to the notes for seniors and the possible impact on college admissions decisions in requesting a correction.


    November 28th:  Form available online.

    November 28th – December 7th:  Form can be submitted online on before 3:00pm on December 7th. No requests will be accepted after this date.

    December 21st: All schedule changes will be completed. *If the request is approved, the change will be reflected in PowerSchool.  If the request is not approved, the schedule will remain the same in PowerSchool. 

    Here are the reasons to request a course correction:
        Scheduled for less than four courses, i.e. missing a class, two courses in the same period
        If you are a senior and a course is needed for graduation
        Scheduled for a course where you have already received credit
        Missing a pre-requisite course
        Failure of a course
        Requesting a level/rigor change (if scheduling allows - many courses are at capacity so change of rigor request are not guaranteed as it is based on availability and the ability to accommodate)
               o Example:  English III Academic <-> English III Honors <-> AP English Language & Composition

    If you are a JUNIOR taking CCP courses or a SENIOR requesting a late arrival/early release - please follow THIS LINK to request that change:  https://forms.gle/mYUYHyGUCFtDDcGC6 Schedule reductions will not be processed in this form.

    Please note:
         • Attention Seniors: If you are requesting changes to your schedule, or a reduction in your schedule, you must contact the colleges or universities you have applied to this year.  A schedule change could affect your admission status - Students must acknowledge the “Course Correction Form” verifying you have contacted your college(s), and they are aware of your proposed change BEFORE you submit any request forms. 
         Please be aware that the master schedule has been built around the choices you indicated when you choose classes last spring, and there are limited options available at this point.
        • Duplicate or additional forms will not be accepted.  
        • Requests for specific teachers cannot be honored.
        • Requests submitted by email or phone will not be honored. The form is the only way to request consideration for course corrections.
        • The Student Services staff members are not available for appointments regarding schedule change requests.

    The second semester begins at the end of January and we want to be transparent about our conundrum.  We are fortunate to add six teaching positions to the second semester. However, the tricky part is hiring. What we know for certain is that student schedules will be impacted in December and January.  Administration and Student Services will be working together to adjust both students’ and teachers’ schedules. These changes will create balance within courses, minimize class sizes and alleviate overcrowding. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this process.