• Final Transcripts will be ready to send to colleges around June 19th, 2024. Students are responsible for sending their final transcript using one of the two methods below. Counselors are not responsible for sending final transcripts!

    Sending to a North Carolina College/University:

    You must send your final transcript electronically via cfnc.org. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this can be found here or by watching this short video.

    When a high school senior sends their transcript through the free CFNC electronic high school transcript system, it sends the current transcript immediately and puts a request for the final transcript in queue. This year the release date is set for Friday, June 24th, and we expect it to take 3-5 days for the transcripts to fully process and be available for colleges to download.

    Sending to an Out-of-State College/University:

    You must send your final transcript directly to the school via ScribOrder

    2024 Graduates can use the "Current Students" button until June 30th. After that time, you will be considered a graduate/former student.