Wake County Public School System is proud to partner with Wake Tech Community College in giving high school students the opportunity to take college classes for free while still enrolled in high school. For further information, visit their website. The CCP contact at Athens Drive Magnet High is Ms. Pearson. Please contact her with any questions

    Are you interested in taking dual enrollment courses through Career & College Promise (CCP) at Wake Tech Community College (WTCC)? 

    Dual enrollment is taking college courses through approved pathways at WTCC and getting both high school and college credit.  CCP courses are made to give high school students a head start on college general core courses, taking classes for certification at a community college or experiencing a community college experience while in high school. Here is a graphic for "Considerations for College Credits" - and if this is right for you. Athens Drive High School graduation requirements will be taken through our traditional high school courses. While some dual enrollment courses can satisfy equivalent requirements, your schedule at Athens will include all graduation requirements, and enrollment at Wake Tech does not dictate your schedule at Athens. Articulation agreements for dual enrollment courses favors in-state public institution transfers, and the transfer/acceptance of dual enrollment courses can be limited by out-of-state or by private institutions. Please inquire with your specific college/university of choice for all options.

    Please talk to Ms. Pearson if you have questions - and visit Wake Tech's website for how to enroll - you must go to their website to get the required paperwork as you are applying to Wake Tech as a CCP student.

    Students will need the following resources to complete the CCP Application and Eligibility Verification (EV) form:

    1. Visit Wake Tech's website for how to enroll and watch the mandatory video to obtain the information to complete.
    2. Access the Wake Tech Application here. Need help with the application? Use this User Guide
    3. Request your official transcript here - You will input your email address, check the box (second to the bottom) that says, "College and Career Promise (Electronic Copy)" - it will send a secure link to the transcript that you can upload to the application for CCP. Contact Mrs. Sidney (psidney@wcpss.net) for transcript questions. 
    4. If you are a 10th grader, you will need to prove your AIG eligibility for any CT pathway.  You need to email Ms. Pearson jnpearson@wcpss.net for your ISP (individualized Service Plan) to show you are academically gifted.  You must have eligibility in both areas, English and Math. There are four areas of the CTE pathway that you do not need AIG eligibility for - please see the mandatory session from Wake Tech at the link above for more up-to-date information. 
    5. Complete the EV form and attach Ms. Pearson's email address (jnpearson@wcpss.net) and she will approve the application. You do not need to wait for her submission before you submit your portion of the application. Do not enter the principal's email here--it will delay processing time. 
    6. If you are a 10th grader, you will need a letter of recommendation from Ms. Pearson.  When you complete the EV form and attach Ms. Pearson's email address (jnpearson@wcpss.net), she will send the recommendation directly to CCP per their instructions.  You do not need the recommendation to apply - we will send it once you are approved.

    Once you complete the EV form and are approved, you need to give the following documents to Ms. Pearson in Student Services:

    • Dual Enrollment Form - this must be completed for every course you take through CCP
    • A screenshot of your Wake Tech course schedule from your Wake Tech WebAdvisor account showing the course(s) you are registered for in each semester.   
    • If you are requesting an Early Release/Late Arrival - You must complete the Early Release/Late Arrival Form. This is only an option for Juniors in CCP and Seniors. Underclassmen are not eligible for schedule reductions for CCP courses. 
    • Wake Tech and Athens strongly ask you to consider no more than five courses total per semester, including CCP courses.


    What happens after I submit my application?  

    1. Wait for Enrollment Packet review--CCP staff determines admission.
    2. Receive the Official Acceptance Letter--this will include information regarding orientation, activating student key and email accounts, and registering for classes
    3. Check your student account to confirm your class schedule
    4. Email CCP for assistance or for schedule adjustments (ccp@waketech.edu). 
    5. Send a screenshot of your Wake Tech Dashboard, the completed Dual Enrollment Form, and the Early Release/Late Arrival Form (if needed) to Ms. Pearson (jnpearson@wcpss.net)
    6. Purchase textbooks and/or required course materials
    7. Attend class!

    How do I choose classes? 

    Watch the video on class registration here. Still need help? Schedule a Wake Tech CCP Advising Session

    How do I know if a course is taught virtually or in person? 

    Courses may be fully online, face-to-face on campus, or a hybrid. Find out more by watching this video: How do I know how courses are delivered? 

    When can I schedule classes during the day?

    You MUST consider the ADMHS Bell Schedule  when selecting CCP courses.

     Students must be enrolled in a minimum of two ADMHS classes (1st/2nd period OR 3rd/4th period) 

    Seniors are allowed a minimum of 3 total classes per semester, including CCP courses. Juniors must take a minimum of 4 total classes per semester, including CCP courses. Sophomores must take 4 classes at Athens, but can take one additional class via CCP in the Spring semester. Schedule adjustments will not be permitted for 10th graders.

    • Taking just one CCP course?  You should have three Athens courses.
    • If you enroll in two CCP courses, you'll have two Athens courses.
    • Never take more than 5 classes total in one semester.
    • Unless the course is asynchronous/online, you need to give yourself plenty of time to leave our campus and arrive to your destination.
    • If leaving ADMHS after 2nd period, choose Wake Tech classes beginning at 11:30 or later
    • If leaving ADMHS after 3rd period, choose Wake Tech classes beginning at 1:30 or later
    • Prepare to leave Athens immediately at the end of your scheduled Athens courses. This is a WCPSS Dual Enrollment policy.

    Am I allowed to drop a course at Wake Tech?

    Wake Tech has different rules for dropping courses than Athens does!

    • Dropping a CCP course may not impact your Wake Tech GPA, but it WILL affect your high school transcript and GPA.
    • DO NOT drop a CCP course without prior permission from Ms. Pearson.
    • Dropping a CCP course may result in a WF (failing grade) on your high school transcript and in your high school GPA calculation.
    • No matter what Wake Tech says, do NOT drop courses without permission from Ms. Pearson!

    How are courses weighted in dual enrollment?

    College Transfer Pathway - Students accepted in the CT Pathway, this link shows Wake Tech courses and their potential dual enrollment options on your Athens transcript. Most carry an additional 1.0 credit weight on your GPA (the same as AP courses). All courses taken in this pathway will be added to your transcript - whatever you earn at Wake Tech, is what is added to your transcript at Athens, no matter the outcome!

    Career and Technical Education Pathway - ​Students accepted in the CTE Pathway, the link shows available Wake Tech courses that can also be included on your Athens transcript.  These courses carry the added weighted point value referenced in the chart towards GPA (standard = 0 added, honors = 0.5 added, college = 1.0 point added).  Courses taken from this chart WILL be added to your high school transcript, regardless of the grade received.