• Welcome Back Sophomore Students!

    At the end of your 10th grade year, to be promoted to 11th Grade, students must have:

    • 12 credits

    • 1 credit must be English II

    • 1 credit of Math, Social Studies, and Science, plus 2 additional credits


    Tips for 10th grade year

    • Join a club and explore leadership positions!
    • Get involved in sports!
    • Get involved in the Arts!
    • Other Student Activities at Athens Drive can be found by clicking here
    • Start advocating to yourself and make positive connections with staff members
    • Make sure you are enrolled in classes designed to prepare you for your future plans (college, military, workforce)
    • Visit CFNC.org to get helpful tips on how to be a successful high school student and what you should do to begin planning for life after high school. CFNC promotes access to North Carolina higher education and assists students with education planning, career planning, and applying and paying for college.
    • Join clubs and service organizations here at ADHS and in your community that may expose you to new interests and possible careers
    • Look for enriching summer programs that you can participate in during the summer (job, community service, etc.)
    • Talk with your parents/guardian or relatives about your options, ambitions and aspirations
  • Pre-ACT

  • PSAT