• Requesting Transcripts

    All students currently enrolled at Athens should request a transcript here

    Click on the backpack and follow all the instructions. Students requesting a transcript for CCP/Dual Enrollment should check the Career and College Promise option in the green box. 

    For College

    • If you are applying to a college that uses the Common Application, your counselor will upload your transcript for you once you have added their email address to your common app application.
    • For colleges and universities in North Carolina that DO NOT use the Common Application, request that your transcript be sent using your CFNC account.  If you do not have an account with CFNC, visit their website www.cfnc.org to create one. Please remember to include your student number when setting up your student profile or it will not allow you to send your transcript.
    • For out-of-state colleges and universities that DO NOT use the Common Application, you need to send your transcript via ScribOrder. Visit scriborder.com to request a transcript from from their website. Please note that the first 3 transcripts sent to out of state schools are free and then there is a charge of $5.


    For Scholarships, Sports, Summer Enchrichment Opportunities, & Unofficial Transcripts

    • All requests for transcripts must be requested electronically via WCPSS Scriborder portal. Students can have the transcript sent straight to the instituion or mailed to their house.