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ADHS Student Government

  • Student Government elects its membership in the spring for the rising Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes.  Freshman elections are conducted in the Fall when school opens.

    The government is structured in a parliamentary style; i.e., the leadership, or Executive Committee, (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sgt. at Arms) are chosen from amongst the elected representatives. The President is a senior representative with one year’s experience in the government. The VP is a junior. Other positions may be drawn from any class.

    Class officer positions are applied for and elected separately.  Students may not run for more than one position (Class President, Class VP, Class Sec., Class Treas., or Class Representative).

    Once the spring election is complete, and the Government officers elected from among the representatives, the Executive Committee (Excom) determines an early summer date to meet with the advisor to plot out and calendar the year’s activities, particularly Homecoming.

    • Summer Orientation (two sessions) 
    • Homecoming
    •    Spirit Week
    •    Pep Rally
    •    Homecoming Parade
    •    Homecoming Courts
    • Service project/s (determined each year). StuGo has participated in school landscaping work, courtyard refurbishing, etc.
    • Sophomore Class Winter Dance, the “Glass Slipper Ball”
    • Junior Class, Spring Prom
    • Senior Class, Grad Man Pageant
    • StuGo service projects: these have included fundraising for the Leukemia Society, for
    • Cominghome
    •    Spirit Week
    •    Pep Rally (at discretion of Principal)
    • StuGo Fundraiser:   VolleyBros Volleyball games between boys from all classes

    The Student Government President (and Vice-President when necessary) is required to attend monthly meetings of the Wake County Student Government Association. 

  • The 2016-2017 Athens Drive Executive Board:

    Ava Wallace - President
    Evan Dasburg - Vice President
    Abigail Bennett - Treasurer
    Khadijah Hendrix - Secretary
    Emily Williams - Secretary
    Caisan Gray- Sgt. At Arms


  • Senior Class Officers
    Co-Presidents: Amber Doyle and Michael Lee
    VP: Kyndall Shaw
    Secretary: Katherine Clapp
    Treasurer: Sarah Huffman
    Junior Class Officers
    Co-Presidents: Mary Grace Bunch and Shaelyn Raleigh
    VP: Asa Meenteneyer
    Secretary: Mallory Tate
    Treasurer: Bethany Bernstein
    Sophomore Class Officers
    Co-Presidents: Carsin Gronbach and Hamza Khan
    VP: Bryanna Smith
    Secretary: Laurenn Vestal
    Treasurer: Kate Huffman