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    About Our School

    Athens Drive Magnet High School has been a pioneer in Wake County since opening in 1978. Athens has a strong comprehensive curricular program that is tailored to meet the needs of our diverse school population. We are a data-driven learning community that focuses on evidence-based strategies for learning and teaching.  We offer students support and encouragement as they pursue their academic interests.  Our team of dedicated and caring professionals works to strengthen their knowledge base through working in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) and unique academic and business partnerships.  In PLT groups, we design curriculum and discuss the various needs of all students. Through our Pyramid of Intervention, teachers and staff at Athens Drive access a variety of interventions to support students including our Athens Advantage Time, which includes tutorial time built into the school day.

    The medical sciences and global health initiatives theme will provide a strong research base and prepare our students for future endeavors. Real-world examples exist all around us, and we bring real-world relevance to the essential standards. For example, students in an English class may research a current issue in medical ethics such as the rights of minors in refusing to donate bone marrow and produce a persuasive essay. Math students may use epidemiological data to draw conclusions about the Zika virus impact. In a social studies classroom, students might compare the impact of the Zika virus to the smallpox epidemic of post-Columbian America. An interior design class might research and offer present best practices in healthcare facility design. The theme is experienced in each classroom.

    Students may choose to join an academy to experience a deeper dive into a medical or global health career. Our Health Sciences Academy provides students to learn more and experience first-hand medical science careers. There are three pathways in our Health Sciences Academy: Medical Sciences option, Emergency Medince option, and our new Animal Sciences option. Students may choose to join the STEM Energy and Sustainability Academy, with a focus on STEM-dependent health care fields. Both academies provide unique opportunities to interact with academic and business partners to extend and enrich classroom instruction.

    Aside from academics, Athens Drive Magnet High School offers student opportunities to participate in a thriving arts community, including our award-winning band, orchestra, theater arts, and chorus programs. Students can also access a wide variety of clubs to serve any interest.


    History of Athens Drive

    jaguars statue Athens Drive High School was dedicated on April 11, 1979. The first classes began in the fall of 1978. Athens Drive High is considered a small 4A school by North Carolina standards with a student population of approximately 2000-2100 students. It is located inside the 440 Beltline in Raleigh, NC and is not far from the North Carolina State University and Cary, NC.
    Athens Drive High School has the first career academy in Wake County Public Schools. The Athens Drive Health Science Career Academy started in 1990. It continues the legacy of excellence in healthcare education and is flourishing. 
    Athens Drive High School has significance both architecturally and through its rich traditions of excellence. The "Mighty Jaguar" statue above was sculpted by Mr. Ron Williams (no relation to the architect F. Carter Williams). It was commissioned by the Athens Drive High School Class of 2005. A long-time art teacher and coach, Mr. Williams recently retired from teaching and is given the honorable distinction as being one of the Athens Drive High School "Silver Jags." This distinguished group of teachers opened the doors in 1978-1979 and set the tone for the traditions of excellence that make Athens Drive High School the excellent school that it is today. Due to retirements, there are fewer Silver Jags who continue to teach at Athens Drive High. Fortunately, many of them continue to be involved in the Athens Drive Community through volunteer and part-time work.

    School Improvement

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    School Improvement Team Membership

    Shannon Wilkins - SIP Chair     

    Steve Mares - Principal     

    Steve Katz - Admin

    Pat Abel - Admin     

    Andria Johnson - Admin      

    Charlie Morgan - Admin 

    Donte Coats - Admin 

    Ally Stephenson - Intervention 

    Tonya Hinton - Magnet Coordinator 

    Jennifer Lowry - Literacy Specialist 

    Lori Lair - CTE

    Lauren Barrett - Special Education 

    Diane Pexton - Special Education 

    Dulce Rodriguez - World Languages

    Janet MacDonald- ESL

    Alicia Hatmaker - Social Studies 

    Libby Logsdon - Math 

    Rachel Shelton - Math

    Lauren Pipal - Science

    April Jones - Science

    Heather Hafer - Science 

    Ashley Turner - English 

    Laura Bernstein - Fine Arts

    Meryssa Wacholder - Healthful Living

    Shernita Telfair - Student Services

    Kendall Boothe - Student Services 

    Christina Rush - Parent 

    Azin Bosari - Student

    Maddie Zotter - Student

    Kavisha Desai - Student 

    Caroline Al-Masri - Student

    Sarah Dedzins - Student

    Gene Thomas - Instructional Assistant

    Thomas Swearington - Instructional Assistant

    School Improvement Meetings

    All school improvement meetings will be held in room 2714 at 2:40 p.m.


    Community Library

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