Intervention at Athens Drive

  • Understanding Academic Recovery Plans (ARP) and how they benefit students

    An ARP is a document that identifies teacher concerns, documents goals for each student to assist in the student’s academic progress, and establishes interventions that will help make a difference for each individual student. If a student receives lower than a 60% in the 1st quarter of the 1st semester or lower than a 60% in the 3rd quarter in the 2nd semester than a student will be given an ARP. The ARP will list a number of parameters in which the student needs to achieve. If the student completes all of the agreed upon items AND receives a 60% in the quarter following the ARP then their previous quarter’s grade will be automatically raised to a 60%.

    Wake Tech Mentoring Program
    Athens Drive has partnered with Wake Tech to create a mentoring program. This program targets minority males. They meet every other Wednesday during lunch. 
    NC State LEAD Program
    NC State LEAD (Linking Empowering Avoiding Dropout) is a program that will be held once a week after school for females. This is a mentoring program that involves small group discussion about avoiding dropout. 
    Friday Night Lights
    Athens Drive and Ekklesia Church will hold open gyms for students on select Fridays after school during the year. Students will play pick up basketball games with their peers and teachers. After playing we will have a cookout and attend whatever sporting even is going on at Athens that night. 


  • GradPoint 
    GradPoint is an online credit recovery program for students who were not successful in their first attempt.  Students can access the Core Curriculum, using a self-paced alternative method of instruction. Our GradPoint teachers are Mr. Martin and Mr. Fullbright.  Students can access the online system by clicking here.